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  1. That will cost more than the current Q2. But, by narrowing the aperture to around f/2.8, and making the lens smaller, the cost reduces rapidly. It’s halved at least, which reduces the price by at least $1000. Take a look at film era’s golden standard in the compact single-lens cameras; Contax had a T2 with Zeiss 38mm f2.8, retractable Sonnar lens., which imho, was superior to anything Ricoh’s done with the GR. Sadly, no such camera for the 135 format exists in the digital era. Is such a digital camera possible to make? Of course, but as much Sony can’t make it and that it performs
  2. Yes, I believe that a new, cheaper and slimmer camera, with a collapsible / retractable lens of a different FoV, would be different enough from the current Q2 to appeal to the different type of users. Happy users of the current Q2, when they imagine a new Q camera, they imagine same Q2 with an equally bulky lens of a different FoV. But that will only make any new Q only more expensive than the current one. Thinner, slimmer, more portable, retractable/collapsible lens, with f/2.8, and it can be more affordable and different.
  3. The ideal Q-new, that is not current expensive and bulky Q2 , Leica already made in X1 and X2 cameras. The only problem is that both were so slow in use, and had 16 MP crop sensor. But the key to a smaller size and an increased portability, and finally lower price, is retractable f/2.8 lens. Even with a 47 MP FF sensor, the new camera would make more cost-saving and space-saving sense, and would be different enough from the Q2 in its form and utility. The FoV could be 35mm, with crop lines for whatever other FoV desired. But it must be fast in operation and definitely smaller overall with
  4. Very strange lens. The optical characteristics of the output look .. strange. The lens is definitely NOT an optical design done by Leica, and definitely not by some top tier Japanese optical designer.
  5. It seems it's the common thing on later digital Leicas. I keep mine set at -1/3 to -2/3...
  6. It will help if you black tape the logo, and black tape some other details, edges, bottom plate, etc. When human tactile sensation is not in direct contact with expensive finish, it does not get distracted. You may also wear gloves when photographing; say (fingerless) leather gloves are great — not so much to preserve the precious camera, but to keep distance from tactile distraction, and to approach the camera in a manner a gardener approaches his trusty secateurs, or a professional chauffeur any car he drives. When equipped like that, you then know you are off to serious work, and will not b
  7. Mr Huff exaggerrates. 1 // No-EVF option, is overall better decision for average users, because it reduces the cost of the camera, reduces size, allows for better / optional external EVF for those who want. Say, there may be new Visoflex 2 coming out next month, with 4Million dots and incredible refreshrate; great, use it on T, TL and TL2. 2 // External EVF prolongs the life of a camera, in-built EVF reduces it. EVF is not an OVF — it is already old the day it is released. Because the eye is inspecting it at close distance, it is aware of all flaws EVF inherently has. No EVF will eve
  8. You are best to be ignored. Ciao.
  9. 1) Too small pool of testers, and current testers are creatures of old habits. They must have more testers, and all need to receive all possible accessories and two production cameras, not pre-production cameras, where things may get wrong again. 2) All the same, Leica could stick with original T, and not upgrade it ever. I mean, thanks for the laughs. 3) Autocorrect doens't work in this browser plus l-forum combintion. But you can raed these lines regardlss, and still draw forcd conclusn.
  10. I reckon that Leica should make a native 18mm lens (that in 27mm in 135 format terms) for the TL camera. Let it be f/2.8 or f/3.5, and the TL with it can be truly pocketable. Current 23mm TL lens is nice, but still not pocketable.
  11. I was expecting an updated Visoflex for the new generation of cameras. It was due for an honest update. Pity it did not come, but these events may force Wetzlar to be more pre-emptive and change the attitude in regards to EVFs. They got rid of flash, but did not itegrate an EVF, did not update the old Visoflex, and did not check thoroughly how old Visoflex works with new TL2. Ouch. Now they stop the sales of the most important new camera. I wonder, why they halted the sales of the TL2, instead of issuing a warning about the old Visoflex?
  12. A C-shaped bracket (that feeds from the accessory shoe and it is attached firmly to the bottom plate tripod thread), but with two EVF/Flash shoes on it would do, so that the flash can be on the left. The bracket sits on the top plate (it nicely padded below), feeds off the accessory shoe, and is extended in opposite direction from the shutter release button, of course. The off-centre position of the additional port on it is ideal position for a flashgun anyway, and the bracket itself could be used as an additional support, and a small rig, in say, video recording via the back LCD. One clever
  13. Yes, any camera can be used for weddings; but the guy who comes with the Leica T to shoot weddings, for real, holds in much higher esteem his modern toys and joking attitude than his clients. Respect for the customer comes first. Come to work with heavy duty gear that will assuredly not let anyone down, in any single respect of work or circumstance. Even if it rains or snows all of a sudden, and champagne is spilt all over your equipment.
  14. Yes, indeed, more of what exactly? More buttons? More recycled plastic? More sub-optimal optical glass for basic lenses? More cumbersome menus? More clicks to do same stuff? More space taken to write logo on it? More visible lugs? More time spent in PP and RAW development of their files? Those are the only mores I can think of that Sony or Olympus of Fujifilm or whoever else may provide. In everything that matters, though, they provide far less.
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