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  1. Today at 3 pm Germany time is the release πŸ‘
  2. Leica never sold a triple price product just because its rebadged product, yes the product you mention is a rebadged product but again its only 200 to 400 us more expansive not triple the price, so if leica is offering a lens that is triple price of sigma than its not just a rebadged product….. i think your example of rebadged product is not the same case here πŸ‘
  3. Did you try it and saw it perform like a 1000 euro lens? One can say that canon and nikon 24-70 2.8 as well perform like a sigma 1000 euro lens?! You will have a lens that will be equally to what other Japan companies are selling like sony and canon … etc and on same price range …. You want something better than buy the Germany made Leica lenses and you get what you pay for πŸ‘Œ
  4. I think we are demanding too much here, so Leica make the cheapest and lightest lens for SL line, and you as buyer has an option you can buy Pana, sigma or Leica as its fit your budget, in the end its 3K lens and will perform like a 3K lens nothing more and nothing less
  5. what I heard from a reliable source that this lens has a different coating than sigma version, the lens coating is made by leica so the overall performance of the lens will be better than Sigma
  6. Sorry than for giving away this info, I should have let you wait and guess 😁
  7. Now I get it, I did not use SL first version, so I can not really tell if there was a problem with batteries or not but I get the idea that people want to use it as web cam πŸ‘Œ
  8. If every time I drop Info like this I get ask how I know it than i will have to stop giving these info πŸ˜‚ I can’t really answer this question but I can tell you its coming in July πŸ‘Œ
  9. SL2 Update is coming on July after the update that is coming very soon for SL2-S, it will get most of the new features in SL2-S (most not all of it ) but mainly the new autofocus will be implemented in SL2
  10. Sooner than that you will have the update and there is some new features in the update that wasn't mention before
  11. Just received the news firmware will be delayed for a week or 10 days max 😞
  12. Many miss leading info, first the coming Leica lens is completely different than Panasonic 24-70 2.8 to the point that the minimum focus distance in new Leica lens is way less than Panasonic 24-70 2.8 so completely different optical design πŸ‘ again if you read the same article (from Leica rumors) down he mentioned β€œnot the first time Leica rebranded Sigma lenses” and up he is saying similar to Panasonic 24-70 2.8! So is it Panasonic 24-70 or Sigma 24-70 Leica is rebranding?! As both theses lenses is completely different?!
  13. yes Sigma is good choice but I think Leica 24-70 will be better
  14. Its 24 not 28 and this lens will start shipping as kit lens with SL2-S for a while but I agree that it will be with all Leica SL users, I like the idea of carrying 800g all rounder lens and will preforms as good as its get with 2.5K US lens price and very nice travel lens.... I wish in the future to see more lenses like this released from Leica for SL line specially Zoom lenses.....
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