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  1. Luigi, I stand corrected - it is there - thank you for your pic so I knew where to look. It's partially obscured by areas of black paint wear. Seeing it is a 1955 lens I should have expected to find an R mark
  2. my 1955 Telyt 200 f4.5 (SN 1256658) has no R mark (well I can't find one?) but my 1951 Summitar 50 f2 (SN 846113) has one
  3. I have a Coolscan 4000 & have been scanning with my Macs for a number of years now Are you using Vuescan as your scanning program - highly recommended IMHO https://www.hamrick.com Firewire 400 To Thunderbolt 3 USB-C On Apple Computers Here's what you need: 1. An Apple Firewire 400 to Firewire 800 adaptor (or a firewire cable with 400 at one end to plug into the scanner and 800 at the other end. 2. Apple Firewire 800 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. 3. Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 USB-C adaptor. Looks like you'll need all three connectors as your model iMac (2020) will
  4. thanks everyone for your input - confirms my suspicions btw, here's my LTM 50 cron on a IIIg
  5. I know there were only a limited number of LTM cron 50s produced (1160 according to Laney). Were they all chrome or did they make any black paint versions?
  6. just gone through my files & presto!! a brochure - scanned it as a PDF (so you can download) & JPEG btw, I don't have this lens 135mm Tele-Elmar f4.pdf
  7. IMHO steer clear of Gobe filters on Leica M cameras. The company is based in Byron Bay not too far from where I live (Brisbane, Australia). I was very interested to try out their filter range (mainly 39mm) & ordered a few but unfortunately none of the filters would fully screw into every 39mm Leica lens I owned plus I was unable to apply the respective hoods once the filters were screwed in (partially). There was to & fro communication between Gobe & I over a few weeks - they even sent me more filters to try out JIC I had a "bad" batch but the new ones still wouldn't fully screw in
  8. This is the way I have always seen it - I have the three types of Leica adapters & use all of them (on M3, MP & M240) For the M3 due to it having only three framelines (50/90/135), any lens below 50 could be used (21mm & up) but you would always require an external viewfinder for the appropriate lens as there are no framelines below 50
  9. I have that strap for my MP & M240 but on occasion (especially during extensive handling/usage through the day) the plastic "bumper" dislodges & move up the strap, leaving the metal half ring device exposed & has almost wound itself out of the strap lug - has only happened on the 240 (maybe the bumper is faulty?). Anyone else experienced this?
  10. Wow!! I didn't realise the M-D wasn't compatible with an EVF
  11. I second that emotion (as Smokey Robinson once said) I use my visoflexes (II & III) & M240 very effectively with the "plastic" attachment
  12. just tried my 12585 hood on a variety of lenses & all with 39mm filters attached (Heliopan, Leica & B+W) - 50mm crons x2 version 2 (DR & LTM), Summaron 35 f2.8, 35 ASPH cron vers 1 No issues at all with any of the abovementioned lenses (with attached filters) What brand of filter are you using (hope it's not a Gobe - if it is you will definitely struggle to apply a hood - I know from personal experience)
  13. The images (still shots) tend to confirm that - they look like they've been taken with a 28mm lens
  14. 15 mins of highly enjoyable viewing - thanks for the link
  15. no website (yet)? - can't find anything salient at https://au.leica-camera.com/Leitz-Park/Leitz-Park
  16. nice!! just went to the site & had a peek https://www.reveni-labs.com/shop/p/early-leica-offset-mount still very interested in the double shoe mount though https://www.reveni-labs.com/shop/p/double-shoe-mount
  17. Just looked at my IXMOO that's not in use at present & have noted a "felt washer" at the top (dorsal) - see pic - but nothing at the bottom (ventrally) I don't think there could have been a lower washer in the IXMOO due to the design (anatomy) - again see pic My single FILCA currently has film in it so no peeking there right now Also, I found this comment on a previous Rangefinder Forum "As far as I'm aware all FILCA cassettes should have the felt ring at the top, but not all have the bottom felt ring (I was generalizing a bit when I referred to FILCAs have two rings in
  18. what about a 10? any rule of thumb for that? (birds eye view)
  19. probably 10 Australian $ - Oprah has an Australian accent
  20. followed by two 28-90 adapters one in cm & the other in mm
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