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  1. This is interesting - I have a Kipon Alpa to L39 (screwmount) adapter & I can use either of the three adapters (Leica in my case) to use on my M cameras, depending on what lens I'm using but with the Alpa to M adapter, what frameline will come up?? I havn't seen three types of Alpa to M adapters advertised (35/135, 50/75 & 28/90). According to Supremehut the 35mm framelines come up. Can anyone else comment from their own experience?
  2. Well, here it is (Kern Switar 50) mounted on my IIIf bd using the Kipon adapter
  3. I'm surprised that there was no literature/instructions with the adapter especially regarding adjustment. I havn't yet received a reply from Kipon (contacted them 5 days ago). The thing that really annoys me is that these are not cheap adapters. Unfortunately it appears to be the only alpa to leica screwmount adapter - all the other brands (good & bad) are for alpa to Leica M mount
  4. looks like I just solved the problem - I needed to unscrew the ring all the way to the tip of the helicoid - now matching perfectly (rangefinder with EVF) plus reaching infinity
  5. There's a ring threaded on the inside of the helicoid which can be wound up or down - I've moved that to a few positions along the length of the helicoid but it makes no difference in the focus outcome - still very "out"
  6. yes, the Kern-Switar 50mm lens is taking great pics with my M240 when using the EVF (but the rangefinder is totally out). Unfortunately I can't use it on my LTMs (the primary reason I purchased the adapter). Don't want to go down the path of full conversion as I want to use it on my Alpa body.
  7. I think I may have confused people here - It's the opposite to what I initially said regarding making the adapter thicker - as it can't focus to infinity (not beyond it) the adapter needs to be thinner (IMHO that's a more significant problem). Also, could it have something to do with the helicoid in the adapter?
  8. I recently purchased a Kipon Alpa to Leica L39 adapter (from Breguet Cameras, Hong Kong) & it arrived today. Unfortunately it's not functioning correctly with my Alpa Kern Switar 50mm f1.8 lens. With my three LTM Leicas (plus my M240 digital) it will not focus to infinity. All of my other LTM lenses (x12) function correctly wrt focussing to infinity with those cameras. Also with the digital camera there is quite a mismatch between rangefinder focus & EVF focus - they are out. It appears that the adapter is not doing as it should. I can't seem to find anything to adjust on the adapter (
  9. Interestingly my rigid Summicron 50 LTM & Summaron 35 f2.8 LTM both have 12 o'clock index positions whilst all my other LTMs are offset (even my canons 50 F1.4 & 35 f2). Maybe the lenses that had an M mount equivalent were 12 o'clockers.
  10. was considering that - I have a friend who owns a metal lathe
  11. just realised that with my newly acquired Nikkor 28mm f3.5 LTM - I have 3 leica 28/90 adapters but unfortunately none of them have the cutout
  12. I recently acquired a 28mm LTM lens but don't have a 28mm external viewfinder (generally expensive & the CV 28 is discontinued AFAIK, the Zeiss 25/28 looks great but also costs an arm & a leg) I'm trying to rationalise & decide between my CV 21/25 Brightline viewfinder & SBLOO 35mm Brightline viewfinder. 25mm is not that far from 28 but also taking the complete view from the SBLOO (including outside the brightlines) could be close to 28mm??? I suppose taking test shots would be helpful but any advice would be appreciated
  13. There was no collapsible 90 Elmar for the screwmount Leicas (some prototype collapsible 90 LTM's exist though) - this version only came in M (bayonet) mount
  14. I've never heard of an original hotshoe cover for the MP but just out of interest I tried the one from my M240 - it does fit but will not slide in completely due to the small screw preventing further movement (see pic)
  15. I presume these LTM 28mm nikkors didn't come with a viewfinder - the case is too small to fit a viewfinder a la some Canon LTMs that came with a viewfinder (there was room in the case for them)
  16. Very nice score today (locally here in Brisbane) with a beautiful (close to pristine - I personally hate using this terminology) 28mm f3.5 LTM Nikkor (Nikon called them SM ie. screw mount), includes original lens cap, leather case & small booklet. These come from circa 1952 & onwards. Have been looking for a 28 Summaron (original) for a while now but nothing like that has turned up here in Australia. I couldn't resist this when it appeared on Gumtree yesterday. Have taken a comparison shot with my Summaron 35 (first LTM version) - the feel/ergonomics of the Nikkor is very similar to t
  17. I have one (vers 1) & it's my favourite/most commonly used lens on my M cameras (digital & film) - competes with quite an array of other lenses (10, 15, 21, 35, 50, 90, 135, 200)
  18. looks like a postcard pic from the 60s
  19. Here's my 1960 rigid dual range cron - it's also a 51.9 (the 1 look so much like a 7 but the euro dash through the 7 is the giveaway - even though I live in Australia I adopted stroking my 7s back in the 70s). Also, the lens has the matching serial number in the mount - was that only done for the DR crons or all of them?
  20. Ha!! an essential piece of equipment in the Veterinary world !! I've used those forceps many times
  21. The flare that bothered me was not sun related but indoors near lighting - at times the whole viewfinder would "white-out" - has not happened with my M3 or MP Also, I don't use glasses when shooting - have a diopter screwed into the eyepiece The Andrew Nemeth article below may be helpful https://www.nemeng.com/leica/020b.shtml
  22. I personally experienced the recurrent annoying flare with my M6 but sold it when a second hand MP became available here (Brisbane, Australia) for a great price. IMHO I noticed a marked improvement with the MP finder.
  23. my youngest lens with an R mark is the Canon 35mm f2 (type II) from the early 70s (SN 39396)
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