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  1. 45 minutes ago, M9reno said:

    Two follow up questions:

     - does the 3x filter holder have its own part name/code, or was it only available with this case?

    - is the coupling ring mentioned on the leaflet above as being supplied with the case the grey 14838?

    I've not been able to find a separate code # for the lens filter holder/case

    I presume the coupling ring is the grey 14838 but I've never seen one of these bags for sale with a coupler included

  2. I've not been able to find a pic/diagram of this case (14820) appropriately filled with camera gear (some other models of Leica cases show this)

    From the description below (original brochure - gives details of what fits into case) I presume the camera body (plus lens up to 50mm & Leicameter) fit into the right quadrant?

    Is the slit like space close to the centre for the lens filter (x3) case (see pic) & the small square receptacle at the left front corner for the 50 cron goggles?

    What is the space/rectangular area to the rear LHS for - it seems very specific.

    Does the double lens combination with a coupling ring stand upright or lie sideways.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - I suppose improvisation is the word here or was there a predetermined pattern for items

  3. 7 hours ago, UliWer said:

    If you want to use the lenses on a Leica LTM camera you should be aware that the larger diameter of the Summicron covers a large part of the camera‘s viewfinder. When you add the round hood the viewfinder is almost completely hidden. The square foldable „barndoor“ hood is much preferable, though it looks odd. But a hood is necessary for the first version Summicron. You can avoid the blockage of the viewfinder by adding an external viewfinder for 50mm.

    I have a rigid LTM 50mm cron & use it on my IIIa, IIIf & IIIg - not sure how the profile/diameter of this lens differs from the collapsible version but there is very little (IIIf) & virtually no (IIIg) blockage without a hood but once a hood is applied (ITDOO) the problem becomes much more of an issue but still usable. Still I prefer to use a 50mm external viewfinder (SBOOI).

  4. Cervi

    see my pics below - there is a ring (adjustment) inside the helicoid with two notches, 180 degrees apart - this ring was way too far down inside the helicoid - I had to screw it anticlockwise (so it would rise to just above the level of the top of the helicoid - see pics) - a fine screwdriver placed into one of the notches will allow you to move the ring. With fine adjustment it's trial & error, screwing ring clockwise or anticlockwise in very small movements then testing for attainment of infinity with the rangefinder. Ideally using a digital camera with an EVF (Electronic viewfinder) & comparing the focus with the viewfinder screen to the rangefinder is more accurate IMHO than trying to tweak it with just a film camera. Hope this helps. Once you are happy with the ring's position, use a marker pen to show the position at a notch (see pic) - I check that before use to see if there has been any movement during storage - hasn't seemed to move at all since I did the final adjustment, Cheers Stephen

  5. 11 hours ago, spydrxx said:

    I can't personally vouch for it, but I read recently that DAG, at the request of a customer, had fitted  a diopter holder with a Nikon diopter instead of Leica glass, and that the cost was less than a new Leica one.

    Yes, I also have one of those Nikon diopters from DAG - forgot to mention that in my initial post

  6. Has anyone tried to remove the glass from a standard M diopter (dioptre) ie M3-MA style - is it possible to dismantle

    I've had three: two +2s & one +1.0. Unfortunately I lost one of my +2s - gradually unscrewed & fell off (I've learnt my lesson).

    I consider these to be one of Leicas biggest ripoffs - exhorbitantly priced for what they are

    I'm just wondering if it's possible to remove the glass & have an optician insert a new one (though I fear that that the cost of a bespoke diopter would surpass that of an original one)

    Unless anyone here wants to swap a +2 for my +1?

  7. 48 minutes ago, benflanders said:

    This thread was a long time ago, but for anyone's info '69' is Jorg Heumuller's number - Wetzlar trained technician in Melbourne, Australia.

    Herr Soixante Neuf

    Ben, does Jorg work for anyone?

    I'm in Brisbane but have been sending my Leicas & even a Nikon Coolscan (which they successfully repaired) to the Camera Clinic in Melbourne

  8. Another shout out for the Elmarit 28 ASPH (V1) - love it's compactness/ergonomics & quality build & final product (images)

    But, my new addition, a 28 f3.5 Nikkor LTM (basically the same size as the original 28 Summaron but two stops ahead) is getting more attention at present

    I gave up looking for an original Summaron 28

  9. 10 hours ago, lct said:

    Not sure i've ever heard of a numbering system about Leica lenses but there are commercial and optical numbers that most people seem to agree with AFAIK. 


    I was under the impression (according to Laney) that the first optical version was only available in the collapsible form, screw & M mount (SOOIC & SOOIC-M). There was no rigid version of this first design (or was there)?

  10. 16 hours ago, pippy said:

    A lot of what he writes, of course, has to be taken in the same spirit of the humour in which it has been written and overall I find his writing to be very informative and far more entertaining than annoying into the bargain.


    Agreed, I really enjoy reading KR's outlandish statements/comments, especially the way he "takes the piss" out of "The Leica Man"

  11. more information from Leica (sent them a second email)

    Dear Mr. Platt,

    the possibility exists that this camera has been rebuilt or repainted. In our old repair / maintenance books nothing is noted about this serial.Such conversions were also carried out by other external workshops at this time.

    According to the serial number, it is a Leica III chrome from 1933.

    Chrome versions had same codeword with „ chrome“ added.

     LYDRO (1933-1934) Leica III in black , body only

     LYMAR  Leica III in black with 5 cm / 3.5 Elmar.

     Mit freundlichen Gruessen / kind regards 
    Peter Brieger 
    Leica Camera AG 
    Customer Care                                                   

    Produkt Support
    Am Leitz-Park 5 / D-35578 Wetzlar

    www.leica-camera.com / peter.brieger@leica-camera.com

    Telephone 06441-2080111

  12. 8 hours ago, Helge said:

    Why not using a Leica correction lens?

    works for me, I have the actual glasses on a strap around my neck and a +2 lens attached to my MP’s viewfinder.

    So I shoot pictures with my MP (and my M10) without glasses. 

    exactly the same for me - I have a number of +2 diopters on my M cameras - so much better view than trying with glasses

    DAG will also custom make diopters for your leica using nikon eyepieces - much cheaper than the leica originals

  13. 11 hours ago, luigi bertolotti said:

    That's a hard case , indeed... Wetzlar, traditionally, is considered the "final source" about info on specific items, but Hahne list is also regared as e seriously documented source.. and they are in full contradiction about this topic; imho, the answer from Leica, in this case, looks to me a bit too quick... and from a department ("customer care") which typically is in charge of other tasks... 

    That's the feeling I get too

    Also, i've sent another email to Leica enquiring about the possible code plus whether they have any information on a repaint job (by Leica)

  14. Here's the response I just got back from Leica - So, it was originally chrome according to them - thanks again William for the contact details

    Dear Stephen Platt,


    Thank you for your request.

    The camera with the serial number 120546 should be a Leica III in Chrome.

    If you have further question do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen / kind regards

    Thomas Schmidt

    Leica Camera AG
    Customer Care – Support
    Am Leitz Park 5 / D-35 578 Wetzlar / Germany
    www.leica-camera.com / info@leica-camera.com  
    Telephone +49(0)6441-2080-111 / Fax +49(0)6441-2080-339

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