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  1. I have a rigid LTM 50mm cron & use it on my IIIa, IIIf & IIIg - not sure how the profile/diameter of this lens differs from the collapsible version but there is very little (IIIf) & virtually no (IIIg) blockage without a hood but once a hood is applied (ITDOO) the problem becomes much more of an issue but still usable. Still I prefer to use a 50mm external viewfinder (SBOOI).
  2. Glad you were able to follow my directions By the way, what lenses/cameras are you using the kipon adapter with?
  3. I thought it may have been IMARO - but is there a code for an added light meter? IMARO = IGEMO + ELMAR-M (Elmar (III) f= 5 cm 1:3.5)
  4. Cervi see my pics below - there is a ring (adjustment) inside the helicoid with two notches, 180 degrees apart - this ring was way too far down inside the helicoid - I had to screw it anticlockwise (so it would rise to just above the level of the top of the helicoid - see pics) - a fine screwdriver placed into one of the notches will allow you to move the ring. With fine adjustment it's trial & error, screwing ring clockwise or anticlockwise in very small movements then testing for attainment of infinity with the rangefinder. Ideally using a digital camera with an EVF (Electronic view
  5. Yes, I also have one of those Nikon diopters from DAG - forgot to mention that in my initial post
  6. Has anyone tried to remove the glass from a standard M diopter (dioptre) ie M3-MA style - is it possible to dismantle I've had three: two +2s & one +1.0. Unfortunately I lost one of my +2s - gradually unscrewed & fell off (I've learnt my lesson). I consider these to be one of Leicas biggest ripoffs - exhorbitantly priced for what they are I'm just wondering if it's possible to remove the glass & have an optician insert a new one (though I fear that that the cost of a bespoke diopter would surpass that of an original one) Unless anyone here wants to swap a +2 for
  7. some people love the Hammertone finish (i'm definitely not partial to it too) - as a positive it hides scratches & dents
  8. https://leicarumors.com/2016/11/28/leica-m-a-noctilux-50mm-f0-95-asph-limited-edition-set-25-years-leica-shop.aspx/
  9. Thanks. have just made contact with him
  10. Herr Soixante Neuf Ben, does Jorg work for anyone? I'm in Brisbane but have been sending my Leicas & even a Nikon Coolscan (which they successfully repaired) to the Camera Clinic in Melbourne
  11. Another shout out for the Elmarit 28 ASPH (V1) - love it's compactness/ergonomics & quality build & final product (images) But, my new addition, a 28 f3.5 Nikkor LTM (basically the same size as the original 28 Summaron but two stops ahead) is getting more attention at present I gave up looking for an original Summaron 28
  12. I was under the impression (according to Laney) that the first optical version was only available in the collapsible form, screw & M mount (SOOIC & SOOIC-M). There was no rigid version of this first design (or was there)?
  13. Agreed, I really enjoy reading KR's outlandish statements/comments, especially the way he "takes the piss" out of "The Leica Man"
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