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  1. Gus Lazzari (TLC Camera Repair) placed this contrast enhancing "ring" inside the rangefinder window (closest to rewind knob) - really does make a difference
  2. The price of M6s here in Australia continue to climb - one sold very quickly on Gumtree yesterday for $Aus4000, it was advertised as near new condition. I think a lot of people (owner sellers) are cashing in on the M6 "boom" after seeing the demand rise for especially this model. I bought one in 2014 for $Aus1100 here in Brisbane & sold it a year later for $1200 to fund a second hand MP (early model, 2nd batch, black paint & very nice condition) that had come up locally on Gumtree costing me the princely sum of $Aus2800. Personally I disliked the viewfinder of the M6 du
  3. what a coincidence!! Both Gerhard Richter & Cindy Sherman have had major exhibitions at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) here in Brisbane (Australia) in recent years
  4. update/correction from my previous post - the lens is definitely rangefinder coupled (been communicating with the owner)
  5. Augusto, not sure if it's rangefinder coupled (I think that it is but I'll ask the owner) I don't have the lens in my possession at present Yes, that was confusing to me ie the infinity lock reflects a younger lens, not one made in 1931 while the serial number is suggestive of 1931
  6. Wow!! thanks Jankap - didn't realise there was a lens serial # list in the Leica Wiki So it appears that the lens is a 1931 model (#134079)
  7. I have a friend who owns this lovely Nickel Elmar from the very early 30s I suspect, maybe 1932 Unfortunately my lens production table in Laney (p 600, 2nd edn) only commences at 1933 (serial #156001 & onwards) The serial # on this lens is 134079 (visible on third pic) Based on the descriptions in Laney (p225) this would appear to be a 1932 model. The infinity catch is the "flat top" type & I'm not sure if there is an "O" engraving under the flange ring (no pics of this available) Are there lists/tables covering the earlier serial numbers? Am I correct in assuming
  8. Would have to agree with Connie's original comment (aesthetically up there with screwmount leicas) - also there are marked similarities with my Alpa camera (was an offshoot of the Pignons S.A. company - Swiss made too) - there is cross over regarding origins here ie. In the late 1930s, Pignons invited engineer Jacques Bolsky (Bolsey) to design a camera for them - became the Alpa Reflex About 6 years ago I was given this beautiful Bolex 8 camera PLUS an M8 projector - it was purchased (late 50s) by my partner's recently deceased father who being an electrical engineer, was into high q
  9. found a pic of an original black paint IIIf (Swedish Army) with MOOLY https://collectiblend.com/Cameras/Leitz/Leica-IIIf-Swedish-Military.html
  10. it appears that black paint IIIfs are quite uncommon. Laney states: 1. 100 winterised black IIIfs to the Swedish Army (no self-timer) 2. a number (a few according to Laney, whatever that means) of tropicalised black IIIfs that may have been a special order for an Indian dealer Look what I saw on ebay today from a Japanese dealer - definitely a repaint job though it's not mentioned anywhere (that I can see) in the advert - deceptive IMHO They are calling it "mint" (i detest the use of that word in this context); the box is the wrong one for that camera plus it has a modern s
  11. I'm not understanding something here - why would you want to cut the film once it's in the camera? Also, after exposure isn't the film usually wound back into the cartridge (fully or with a bit of leader still exposed) p 476 Laney (2nd edn) ABCOO (1936-1958) Blade for cutting the film inside the camera, particularly with the Leica 250.
  12. I'm happy to pay $20-30 (Aus) for FILCAs or IXMOOs in decent condition - they do pop up locally on Aus Ebay or Gumtree, often not advertised with the Leica codes/descriptions making them a bit more obscure & not snapped up quickly
  13. I've been doing exactly the same thing, same roll of film & loader but a IIIa & IIIf & two FILCAS & slightly different cutting template. Thoroughly enjoying the whole process & it's much easier than most think. It's so self satisfying.
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