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  1. @Herr Barnack thanks for this note. I can buy q2 MR 8300 cad ( canadian$ ) ( almost 6580 usd ) is this make sense?
  2. The feeling that comes with photography in M is unique.
  3. Yup. You are right . That's why I ask questions to use your opinion. Thankful
  4. Exactly. Q2M sometimes faster. And stronger than m10m on bad weather. But m10m is amazing . I use 28 lux, 35 lux , 50 apo, 75 apo. But sometimes ( just sometimes) is not easygoing.
  5. Congratulations. Good for U . Please share your new camera pic with us.
  6. Hey guys. I know you have a lot of experience with q2 m. And some of you also use M. I have a m10m as well as a sl2, I have a 28 lux too. Do I need a q2 m reporter with this camera and lens? What would you choose if you were in this situation?
  7. Hey guys. Leica q2 mono reporter is limited edition. Do you how many units world wide ?
  8. Hey guys what do you think about M11 Monochrom ? Coming soon? do need more megapixel more than m10m? kamyar
  9. Thanks buddy. Yes. You are right. I hope I get it.
  10. Hello everyone. 👋 I have asked the same question before but I did not get a complete result. I have m10m and sl2. And i have 28Mlux , 35M,fle, 50Mapo, 75M,apo, and 24-90 sl. i shoot b&w. I use m10m In most cases , and use sl2 on bad weather and same times. I have question , Can q2m be a camera for everyday companionship and support? Is it reasonable to pay for such work? Or do you suggest buying another lens for M? I have an offer to buy q2m and accessories for $ 6800. Grip, case, battery, filter, strap, thumbs up, All 6800$ Brand new. what do you think? What is your guidance or experience? thanks kamyar.
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