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  1. I have 28 lux. Also 35 corn and 50 apo. At first I thought it was useless to have 28mm along with 35mm and the two are close. But they are very different and each has a specific function. I bought 28 lux silver limited edition at a great price. And I was surprised. I shoot with M10monochrome. And the combination of 28lux with my camera is amazing. I recommend lux. I plan to keep the 35corn for the m6 and buy a 35corn. Best kamyar
  2. M10 monochrome + 28 lux silver edition
  3. M10 Monochrom + 35mm corn v5 asph.
  4. Yes. It is true. I made a mistake.
  5. Yes . It is true. I made a mistake.
  6. I think I should do the same
  7. Thanks jeff. i have v4 and v4 is asph.
  8. So you say only different on extra stop ? FLE Not a better quality? Just faster?
  9. Hey guys. Actually i have 35mm corn asph v4. My friend wants to sell his own lens (35 lux FLE) . And actually again price is so tempting. Do you think the difference between the two lenses is so big that I have to buy?
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