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  1. schattenundlicht

    M10 M-D

    If Leica fits the M10 M-D with a totally non-functional lever, the churning sound audible in the streets of Wetzlar will be Oscar Barnack turning in his grave...
  2. schattenundlicht

    Focusing the IIIf - Is it supposed to be easy?

    Even as a full time wearer of the full monty eyeglasses (myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism) I still find all my LTMs joyful tu use. Advantage IIIa onwards: focusing lever for RF eyepiece. Advantage IIIf: lever less easily maladjusted inadvertently. What I personally dislike on my IIIf is the close proximity of the VF and RF windows, which was hailed as an advantage in its time. With the viewing distance increased by eyeglasses, I always see part of the adjacent window, which detracts me. Best solution imho: focus with RF, frame with SBOOI!
  3. schattenundlicht

    M10 M-D

    With th M10-P this is already negligible.
  4. schattenundlicht

    M10 M-D

    Because this is a camera brand forum, after all 😂
  5. schattenundlicht

    M10 M-D

    If the Visoflex truly is an option, a CR2032 battery would be able to power it for about two minutes, 45 seconds with GPS enabled. The M10 M-D will surely need a full sized M10 battery. The wind lever could be used to cock the shutter, but I fully agree with others that it would make no sense whatsoever from an energy balance point of view. Even if cocking the lever was used for charging the digital operation, any sensor readout, buffer clearance and SD card write controlling (which can be quite voltage sensitive) might become very unreliable. You move a mechano-electrical automatic watch all day. You don’t want to ratchet your pseudo wind lever all day Thus, at best, we get a superfluous, faux retro, boring mechanical action wind lever - at worst, we get an abominable non-functional lever or one that is used for some counterintuitive task better suited to buttons or wheels. I would much prefer the „leaked“ images to be fabrications
  6. schattenundlicht

    M10 M-D

    No. The battery merely powers the electronics for the shutter timing. ((EDIT: I sometimes still fight the new forum software on my iPhone. This was supposed to refer to the question of M7 power usage for shutter winding. My answer came too late and without the quote @jdlaing))
  7. schattenundlicht

    Anybody interested in a 90mm: Summilux M 1:1,5/90 ASPH

    If these were the only „problems“ in their firm- and software, I would be happy to live with them
  8. schattenundlicht

    Current Sensor Replacement Times

    Although I understand that Leica had to pull the plug on complimentary sensor replacement at some point in time (be it perhaps also for accounting reasons, because they had to drag around substantial indefinite accruals through their books for several years, which would not have amused investors and auditors), they should have exempted those cases, like yours, that had a prior replacement with the old sensor, because this one did not solve the problem and was an accident waiting to happen, a fact that was known to them from the start or very early thereafter. I was plain lucky to find my original sensor corroded when the new sensor was available, and just before the replacement program was culled.
  9. schattenundlicht

    Rented an M10 -- a little surprised

    So he needs an M-roady!
  10. schattenundlicht

    Anybody interested in a 90mm: Summilux M 1:1,5/90 ASPH

    The TO has been rather absent from this thread, lately
  11. schattenundlicht

    Anybody interested in a 90mm: Summilux M 1:1,5/90 ASPH

    I like to always carry a tele with me outdoors, but I find my Apo Summicron 90 asph not lacking in any respect. And that one is at the upper limit of weight/form factor that I personally find acceptable on an M. Moreover, DOF with 90@f/2 is already thinner than with 50@f/0.95.
  12. schattenundlicht

    Anybody interested in a 90mm: Summilux M 1:1,5/90 ASPH

    Yet the absolute aperture (entrance pupil) would nicely fit into the nocti range: 50/0.95 = 53 75/1.2 = 62 90/1.5 = 60. Yet, I agree that the EXIF data in this post, the lens poster and the recent rumors all point to a „lux“ designation. It may depend on what retail price their marketing department would find achievable. Or, they already have a 32 element 5 kg 90/1.1 on their drawing board
  13. schattenundlicht

    Anybody interested in a 90mm: Summilux M 1:1,5/90 ASPH

    OK, then it is 192 [ 3x(2^6) ] options. Will have to wait for the weekend😂
  14. schattenundlicht

    Anybody interested in a 90mm: Summilux M 1:1,5/90 ASPH

    For those with an investigative mindset and/or too much time on their hands: The maximum number of possible lens codes is only 64 (2^6). Thus one could either a) with a lot of patience paint dummies of all the remaining unassigned lens codes and attach them to a body with the latest firmware or b) solder an array of tiny dimmed LEDs onto a cheap experimental electronic circuit board, position them in front of the lens code sensor in subdued ambient light and try out all permutations of on/off. One never knows, what yet unannounced Leica lens gems might creep up in EXIF data