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  1. Nice. What kind of bird is this?
  2. Nice image all around. Isn't nature amazing?
  3. Nice photos Louis. It says much about the culture down there. The dancers expressions show their love of the dance.
  4. I like the ice totem pole. Cool looking photo. 😃
  5. Early morning image. The fleeing colors don't last very long before fading away. I was impressed with the x-vario performance in low light.
  6. Interesting though about tones vs colors. At any rate, I think I'll give it a try.
  7. Nice images. Very impressive. The second image almost has a three dimensional look to it.
  8. Nice collection of images. I like the third & fourth images best.
  9. Louis, You will have a field day doing your street photography with the Super Bowl crowd. It's a once a year madness.
  10. Just kidding. It's nice but I plowed the drive out three times this past week.
  11. Snowy Winter My driveway from hell.
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