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  1. Ångermanälven. Skellefteälven M6 35 summicron, negative film
  2. Notice the switch image the amount of electricity the half a year it has to be heated. M6, 35 summicron , negative film
  3. Öresundsbron great opportunity to make photos during Covid-19 times since there is no jets in the air just outside CPH except for this one , probable the only that week. M8, 90 mm elmarit
  4. Öresundsbron and another bridge that has been tear down recently. M8, 35 mm, summicron
  5. Öresundsbron from my place, have tons of pictures of this theme, M8, 90 mm elmarit
  6. Lund the railway northbound. M8, 35 summicron
  7. Lund the railway northbound. M8, 35 summikcron
  8. Pont - Du - Gard M8, 50 mm summicron
  9. Pont - Du - Gard M8, 35 summicron
  10. Pont - Du - Gard M8, 35 summicron
  11. Nissaatigen, Old communications road from stone age to our time. M8, 35 mm summicron
  12. Lögdeälven from the Engine M6, 35 summicron, neg film Kodak
  13. I have finally managed to get the new Mac Mini M1 OSX 11.4 in good working order, things change during a period of 14 years I can see now. The old "steam computer" served me well especially the applications that just running excerpt for the last years. Now i like to hear what the Nicon scanner users have to say about VueScan 100€ versus SolverFast 350€ scanner applications ? Nikon have there own apps for this versions of Mac. Macintosh: Mac OS 9.2.2, OS 10.1.x, 10.4.11, 10.5.x not supported*. Ted
  14. The sun shining bright in the afternoon...(13:20 GMT+1) M8 35summicron
  15. Pelargoniums and partly restricted traffic on the bridge Swe-Dk during the influenza period, and nice clear sky due to no planes in the sky outside CPH airport. M8 summicron 35
  16. The last of the glass images from the stroll yesterday. M8. 90,2,8
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