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  1. Hello Again, I used 3 more swabs to clean this very stubborn dirt. It got really smaller and it is not so visible until I shoot at even f/11. For now I think it is enough for me. I will not do this a little stressful process in the near future as long as I really need. I wanted to do it myself but now it seems more logical to get it cleaned by professionals.. Thanks for your help..
  2. Thank you so much for your answers. Now I think that it might be a streak or a stubborn dirt. I will try to repeat the process carefully.
  3. Hello, As I saw YouTube tutorials, I wanted to clean my Leica SL2 camera's sensor for the first time. First I removed the extra dust using the air blower as much as I can.. I switched on the camera as the tutorial says, just to lock IBIS. I used the swab with the proper solution which it comes with (3 or 4 drops) and I moved the swab from one side to another back and forth. The unfortunate result is in the picture that I attach.. I am not sure if I scratched the sensor or just left streaks on it. Can you tell the difference? What should I do? Btw, I can still have shots wi
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