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  1. Thanks you Henry. I don't develop or scan myself yet. I saw the video you linked a few pages back on developing. I hope to try myself soon. I just got a scanner, now time to get the dev supplies.
  2. Hi, M4, 50 Summarit, and Tmax 100 in early 2017. Annoying my Daughter and Son with some pics. One day they'll be in tiny college dorm and will appreciate the gorgeous natural light our front window provides. He looks like he's posing but is actually fidgeting. And a shot on Market Street in San Francisco. Low res scans from Photoworks in San Francisco. -carlos
  3. Thank you Adam. Looking at everyone's posts here is a lot of fun.
  4. Thanks Wayne. Haha, yeah it was like 56 I think.
  5. Thank you Henry. And thank you for starting the I like film thread, the posts are great!
  6. Thank you. The Leica world is new to me as well. For Christmas my wife gave me a book full of Leica history (I'm sure there are many). I'm looking forward to reading it.
  7. Thank you and indeed this thread is the best.
  8. Hi, I’m new to this forum and this is my favorite topic (I’m actually new to posting anywhere in general). These are from the first roll of film I’ve shot in a couple of decades. The film was processed by a lab in San Francisco called Photoworks (these are low-res scans). I’ll get a scanner and process film eventually, baby steps for now though. Happy New Year and thank you for the great posts. -carlos M4, 35 Summaron, Ektar 100 (At and near Pacifica, California).
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