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  1. I read that when a lens comes in with a damaged front element, and the serial number is on it, Leica makes a new one with that number to replace it properly. The number will always be there.
  2. Easily explainable: the limit + the number of teeth!
  3. Wasn't it only recently you said P was totally enough for you and you went back to P after R, Steven?:)
  4. I have the exact same question, and the followup does not clarify it much... Does DR increase with a sensor size, magically? Is there any physics to explain that? P.S. As usual, the DR research happens under "Battery compatibility" topic.:)
  5. What are the use cases when you'd prefer the linear focusing over, um, the non-linear one?:)
  6. I've not tried the Art version, but the 85/1.4 DG DN proved a great addition to my SL repertoire. It's very handy shooting kids and concert photos and videos from a bit afar. It's great in low light. A worthy addition. My Leica lineup ends at SL 50 APO as I don't use 75 or 90 often, and for zooms I have the 16-35 and then Sigma 24-70 and 28-70. The 85 AF is generally on par with the Leicas, but occasionally is hunting, I think because of the focal length. I've not compared it with the APO 90 but I'd assume the latter would focus faster. The 85 front element is wider as it sucks in the l
  7. Yes this is the conundrum of picking the SL for a trip. The only crucial difference is the video.
  8. Yeah I got this is about SL2-S, I wonder if my shooting videos half the time leads to the drastic difference, which would mean an even more dramatic battery drain for SL2 in video mode than the SL2-S. Also I found that IBIS makes a huge difference for the video. It’s another reason I prefer SL2 to a combo of a still camera and a camcorder. Don’t need a tripod at all so no need for hand-held look, prefer the tripod look without one!:)
  9. This is weird, as the battery was the bane of my SL2. I shoot about 500 photos a day mixed with video. I go through 3 batteries routinely as they get too low for 4K video. Thai happens much later with the latest firmware so even Sigma lenses can see the battery depleted to perhaps 1/7th before the warning comes up. But nothing close to “good battery life”. I have IBIS always on but prefocusing off…. Wonder what else could be draining the battery.
  10. On the topic of a travel kit, would you say that a lens that never makes it into a kit is probably worth letting go?
  11. Well I got excited about the S system a couple years ago and amassed it all then. It doesn't make much sense to sell it all now anyways, plus I'd need to update a few AF motors on perfectly working lenses. The upside it that you don't have to chase the new lenses anymore.
  12. I've done exactly that and assembled the complete 10 lens lineup. In terms of "keeping up", if you like the S look -- which most of us here do -- it's hard to see how any future technology will obviate the S of today. As long as it works, it will produce the great S look. SD cards are around... so is electricity.
  13. I'm converging to the idea that the S line will be the Hasselblad V system, which will live frozen in time and be legendary. There's not much hope to see a vibrant market in it but there'll always be some niche for those who understand. The 907x move was a fantastic feat of rejuvenation for all those CF lenses, perhaps something like that awaits the S...
  14. Great to see another Xpan fan here! As to the beach, I take everything there but keep it in the bag when not shooting. Just have to be careful.
  15. What are the main features of 1.0 you prefer over 0.95? I have both, and 1.0 is clearly a vintage look lens with heavy vignette wide open…. @Overgaard has a whole write up how he upgraded from 1.0 to 0.95 and never looked back.:). And he’s renowned for the 0.95 shots.
  16. Absolutely. I took mine on a trip to Russia a few years ago, and when crossing Lake Baikal, it was instrumental with the Visoflex to shoot the remote shores.
  17. Very similar to my setups. I also tried Q2 for kids-only trip but it's too short for videos of kids playing afar or swimming in the ocean... What do you feel about the S gear taking a huge bulk? I found that having a satellite bag fitting an M or one extra S lens with the S on the neck is a reasonable augmentation when you can leave the big bag behind. I also wonder what do people do with the large bags. Hadley Pro or large FOGG fits all the gear but is cutting into the shoulder and becomes unwieldy for walking. I got the large Rotation backpack for S, was an early adopter of t
  18. I am always frustrated by the heft of all the SL gear. I have the 16-35 as well as both the 35 and 50 crons, but feel like I can take only one of them if also taking a Sigma zoom, so the 16-35 often is left behind, although it's a great landscape lens. Sigma 24/3.5 is so much lighter it feels better to take that and say Sigma 85. When shooting locally and only SL, all of these could fit in a heavy bag... Interesting how many folks here take really only one body and one or two lenses on a trip. Is that true for a two-three week or more travel as well?
  19. Of course, my local film lab is Berkeley Photolab, and their scanners recognize Xpan. I scan to "pro tiff", the highest resolution, which lends 165MB scans for Xpan frames. The idea was to select best shots and send them in for a manual drum scan, but that was unnecessary for screens. I guess if I ever want to print some I could to that.
  20. I’ve had all the modern equipment when I learned about Xpan last year and now have two, Xpan II and Fujifilm TX-2, since they don’t make them anymore, with all 3 lenses. My processor has a machine that automatically scans them into 165MB files, same cost as a regular 35mm roll. The sharpness is of course less than the digital, as has been reported by XCD users with adaptors. But it’s not the point. Sure now you can stitch panoramas in a multitude of robust ways, starting with the iPhone excellent pano mode in 2.5x. But it’s not the point. For me the point is the incredibly satisfying
  21. Funny how every topic in M becomes “do I need the latest M or the previous one is still OK” regardless of the specific technical issue in hand.:)
  22. What I mean is the difference between the darkest and the brightest points. Which kind of needs metering to determine luminosity unless you’re a Sybil who just knows.:)
  23. Or you can think of dynamic range as simply how much of both shadows and highlights you can capture without losing details in either.
  24. The idea of an adapter is fresh for me. When just getting the 007, I've done some research and found the best prices on CompactFlash is when buying in bulk on eBay. I've received a batch of good-brand cards from Taiwan but a second or third failed, and I've not used those since. In my use, cards are digital negatives and are write-once only, they are locked and stored after being filled up. The SD cards are cheap, S 007 is perfect with 16GB ones and those are a few bucks now. The CF is more expensive anyways. What is the "type" of the CF adapter, I or II for 007? E.g. which of the
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