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  1. This is what I have for my beloved Q and started to post for sales today in facebook as I just have another Q in Silver from M9 upgrade program.
  2. To me, many reason to get the Silver unless you wanted it to have an antique brassing antique looks. So here are my reason for Silver. 1. Lots of color trim look better on Silver than Black (like A la carte). Black body can only goes with a few color trim. 2. Chrome surface is much easier to polish or clean and less visible ffringer prints than black's 3. Looks good with both black or silver lens 4. Have a little "metal" feel than black paint But I like black too, it just limited me on playing around changes color trims
  3. ONA Bowery is the most handsome bag for Leica to me and it's very very good price plus very practical daily use as well.
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