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  1. Hi William, Just saw it yesterday and it looks really great. I have some brochures, mainly from the 30's and in German, that are not there. Please let me know if it's of any interest and the way to upload. Best wishes, Augusto
  2. Really interesting William (as always). Best wishes, Augusto
  3. Hi, It's a pity but I'm afraid it's a sign of these times. I think I've already said this but that modern fear about almost everything is what made me discard the 400/560 Telyt's. I cannot imagine what could happen if I put one of those in my garden with a proper tripod and try to take pictures of helicopters or planes Sad but real. Of course, this will mean an important economical compensation for him, paid by the airline, the other passenger etc. Also a sign of modern times. Best wishes, Augusto
  4. Hi, The price for the black ORAKO seems quite high but we all know that black items are reaching extremely high prices nowadays. I'm not sure if (in general) they're currently used or they're more another "piece of furniture". I must recognize that my OKARO belongs to the second type and use to live in a random IIIc. Regarding the seller, my experience (or I must say my wife's experience) was good but it was more than 4 years ago. She bought a Leica I upgraded to II with its Elmar (that I was following) for gifting to me later on, and they were in extremely good condition and at a ve
  5. Hi, Another vote for Red Dot Cameras. I bought to them my Standard, my M7 as well as lenses (even after the Brexit) and always first class items and service. Best wishes, Augusto
  6. Hi William, Sorry, I couldn't avoid the smile for the "fastidious" expression. I had never heard that but it's quite self explanatory (in Spanish "fastidioso"). I don't know if he will be in Wetzlar while I'll be there but if so, I'll try my best to meet and share with him my current project. I'm sure we have several friends in common. Best wishes, Augusto
  7. I would say that both Standard are post-war samples and, as far as I know, I'd say that both are NY samples despite the sharkskin of the latest, but I suppose that they have checked the records. According to Laney "the hole in the body shell where the slow speed dial would normally have been was covered by a small disc secured by three screws or by a disc trimmed with the same vulcanite material as the camera body". As you know, I have access to the 355273 post war sample that, despite having its Wollensak Velostigmat 50/3.5 serial 486465 (I have no documentation if it's the original len
  8. Thank you very much William!! A lot of interesting items and not all of them at very high price. By the way, I still don't understand why they advertise an Standard serial 355.xxx simply as post war, and another one, also 355.xxx as Leitz New York. It's also amazing to see the high prices that are reaching early FED's. Best wishes, Augusto
  9. Hi all, I've just got a XOONS hood for my Summarit and when inspecting it, I've got aware that it's modified: - It has an external knob kind of telescopic that actuates a metallic arch inside - Internally it has like two stoppers that, together with the metallic arch seems to provide 3-points support for a filter, additional lens or something similar. Both stoppers are like nails (with a bigger head). Interesting enough, there's no marks in the external part (hole drilled etc.) for them. - It has an small screw It's clearly an old modification (based on materials and b
  10. Don't doubt that I will take advantage of that kind offer!! Best wishes, Augusto
  11. Yes, that's what I had heard. That supports the theory about that camera was acquired during the war for the British Navy through the Swiss dealer, that is quite unusual in wartime IIIc. Best wishes, Augusto
  12. Hi, I've got the opportunity of personally inspecting the 385817 which has the "PATT 8665" engraving on top of the serial number (documented in Viewfinder Vol.7 No. 3) and it's a specially interesting camera because it was exported to Switzerland during the war in 1942, probably being the final destination the Royal Navy. Let's keep in mind that most of those Navy cameras were pre-war samples. And, of course, the shown in the original post is not a Leica (just look at the top of the rangefinder window aligned with the top, the accessory shoe, the number engravings in the frame counte
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to share with you my experience with the caps for the version 1 of the Summicron-R 50 and the Elmarit-R 35. As you all probably know, both lenses have the nasty Series VI filters+the 14160 retaining ring. Their original caps (14162) are intended to be used on top of the hood in the reversed position (like in the Mountain Elmar, Thambar or Summarex). Even more, if you use the filters, there is no possibility of using caps that use the filter thread (there's no filter thread in the 14160 ring). My Elmarit-R came with the hood 12564 K that fit extremely tight. I
  14. Sorry for resurrecting a 10 years old post but I wanted to keep the information together, just in case anyone could be interested. A few days ago, I was reviewing the documentary "Apocalypse: The Second World War" (something that I strongly recommend to everyone), and I saw the famous images from Erwin Rommel with his Leica and I'm 100% sure that it was a IIIb. We all know about the IIIc serial 375000 that was given to him and the letter saying thank you, but it's seems there is uncertainty about the model of the previous camera he shows in the well known film. In fact, I haven't see
  15. Hi all, Thank you very much for all you replies. By any chance, anyone has any Hektor 135 in the range 637XXX - 644XXX? A good friend is looking for some information of samples in those batches. Given the information provided by @Lowepatt, it's not clear if the odd ball is the heavier wartime or the lighter pre-war but what it seems clear is an inconsistency there. Once more thank you and best wishes, Augusto
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