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  1. Find a used leica oufro 16469Y. It is a 10mm extension tube. It will get you as close as your closest example with a 35mm or 28mm lens. The Leica macro-adapter would only do much closer with those lenses.
  2. It will work on the MP240. I don't know about the M10-P.
  3. I have the Leica Brightline Finder M-21 for 21mm M Lenses 12024 and I like it a lot. It is very well made, bright and accurate. It is a pleasure to use and I like the room around the edges when looking through the viewfinder. The inner lines are for the view with a Leica m8, but I like them for an aid in composition and I believe they also correspond to 28mm with full frame.
  4. A huge factor with a camera like the Nikon d850 is the vibration from the instant return mirror. When I want the best from my Nikons I use a tripod and lock up the mirror. With my Leica, there is no vibrations from a moving mirror. Michael
  5. Thank you for the wonderful, very thoughtful letter Andreas. Michael
  6. With the M240 you hold down one button and turn a wheel.
  7. You can't focus with the viewfinder, but you can use live view. Michael
  8. Hi Parm, The problem with using your minolta lenses with an adapter is that you can't use rangefinder focusing. You can use live view with the m240, but you won't get any practice using a rangefinder. And the M8 and m9 don't have live view. If I were you , I would either save up for a leica lens or at least get a cheap lens like a voightlander which would work with the viewfinder. Buying used Leica lenses is also a great way to go. Best, Michael
  9. joonas, I think Glazer's camera in Seattle still has theirs for sale. Ask for Mark. Michael
  10. If you use the oufro with the 50mm Elmar-m, you can slightly collapse it for more focusing range. You can have the lens fully extended on the oufro to get very close, or collapse it slightly and go all the way to infinity with the oufro still on.
  11. I think a 50mm Elmar-M with an Oufro extension tube would work great for this. The Elmar-M is a wonderful little lens and you can partially collapse it when using it with the Oufro to get even more range.
  12. I think it is a nice picture. If it was mine I would give it about 25% more exposure in post and then increase the contrast with a bit of a contrast curve. It would give you much more contrast between the sky and the branches, but still have detail in both. After you visualize in your mind what you are after, you can find out what to do to get the desired results. Haven't I also seen your name at the BMW motorcycle web sites. An interest in BMW R1200GS' and Leica M's is a great, great combination! Michael
  13. marcg gave you the answer. The plugs for the apple chargers work great! Michael
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