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  1. Got an update from Leica and they are considering this camera DOA, so they will be replacing it. I am totally relieved and very satisfied with this!
  2. So now the real question is, where to go from here? Is a repair acceptable? Should it be a replacement as the MP is less than 14 days old? The filtration is real after spending 6K on mechanical perfection.
  3. The center LED sometimes lights up, it just stops lighting up randomly.
  4. Hello Everyone, 6 days ago I purchased a brand spanking new Leica MP. When taking it out for my first roll i noticed something very particular. The exposure indicator LED that reads correct exposure would randomly not light up. As you know you have > O < After an arbitrary amount of shots, the O will no longer show up and when the camera is reading the correct exposure no LED would light up. I have attached a video. https://imgur.com/a/JYkFNei I own an M6, M9, M9MM and this never has happened. Here is what I tried and the same thing h
  5. I guess i should. I just wanted to skip explaining and answering all the questions. I will probably start one up when i have the energy. Thanks!
  6. i just purchased an mp 2 days ago and i think i have the same issue. The center meeter circle disappears and no longer shows up until later exposures. did it ever get resolved for you?
  7. This happens at 3000 - 4000 shutter speed at any ISO and on any lens. Also tried it without a lens and the same thing.
  8. Wink and a Smoke taken wtih a M Monochorm and 35mm 1.4 Sumilux @ 1.4
  9. One of my favorite subjects to shoot in Los Angeles. Shot on M Monochrom Type 1 & 35mm Sumilux Shot on Leica M9 & 50mm f/2 Rigid
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