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  1. B&H has a used one on sale right now. I've bought a used RRS Q2 L-plate from BH before and I like it very much. Use it mostly for video and the fit is spot on. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/802458895-USE/really_right_stuff_bq2_lpg_leica_q2_l_plate_with.html
  2. As a news editor, I take a lot of "journalistic" type shots for work, where I don't have time to worry about a lot of things that make a "nice" picture, as I''m concerned with making sure I get everything in or out, leaving space for editing, getting as many pictures as I can etc... So I got a Q2M as something completely different to focus on when taking pictures for myself. To force myself to look completely differently at something I want to photograph, and flex different muscles and skills while taking the photo. I know it seems really odd, when the Q2M came out, I thought, who would buy such a thing? But here I am a couple of years later, learning something new about myself and the way I see the world that I may never have learned had I just decided to buy a "regular" camera.
  3. I looked up my order for the Safari Green olive shade I ordered my Leica Q. It looks like I waited a month after the initial order to contact the online shop for shipment info. Zip, no reply. I paid with Paypal, so I opened a non-reciept case with Paypal. Seven days later I got shipping information from Hong Kong, So, maybe if you paid with Paypal, opening a case MAY get their attention?
  4. Huh, I do have the RF 50 1.8 STM that I use for video only. Comparisons to the 28-70 vs. the 50mm 1.8 in still photos just don't stand up, but these are only vacation pics. Maybe I'll carry this combo around a while and see how I like the weight. Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I'looked as the SL2 on and off for a couple of years now...
  5. Lol. I have the 28-70 f/2 on the R5 as my only lens. The combo is way too heavy for me to carry around for walking & travel. I put up with it for work but I don't really enjoy the camera.
  6. Hi, I read all the Q2 vs. Q2 M threads, but am really no closer to a decision. In 2019, just before the pandemic, I bought a Q to take with me on my first trip to Italy. Loved it but sold it during the pandemic. MIssed the Leica experience, so I eventually bought a Q2M that I use for "home" or "street" photos (I use a Canon R5 for journalistic work) and consider my "art" camera. I will be returning to Italy in late November for essentially a vacation for 9 days. I went to price out a Q2 rental, which was about $555 for those days. I don't really want to take both cameras with me, I hate to leave camera equipment in hotel/lodgings while I am not there. I can see the Q2M being a really good option for low light photos but I'm wondering if I will miss all that Italian colors or whatever. I could see saying to myself, "Damn, I wish I had a color sensor right now." My child will be with me but at 19, she is more interested in taking selfies and social media stuff. Probably will be doing a couple of days in Rome, some in Venice and Milan. Anyone have a strong opinion or some thoughts? Maybe I should just carry around two Q2 cameras, anyone do that? (I saw a video by a Filipino photographer who did that and it seemed unsatisfactory to him.)
  7. I too have the Arte Di Mano with the battery and card access. The SD card is harder to take out than without a case at all, the ADM case adds about 1/4" to the bottom. The Lim's case was deeper I thought. Does the MegaGear case "deepen" the hole, so to speak, for the SD access door also? You know, the best bet might be just the Leica handgrip. I thought it would be a pain in the butt to take it off all the time for the card and battery access, but I found that I didn't mind it so much. It's easy to come on and off. And the battery lasts much longer than the original Q, so I only ended up taking the handgrip off every 2 or 3 days after heavier than average use.
  8. @gteague I know what you mean, I have at least three bags from my Q ownership days and I still look around for my Q2. Anyway, do you use a handgrip or Lim's case with your Q2?Or is the bag fit with just the Q2?
  9. Very nice @docmoore was this shot with a green filter?
  10. I owned a Sony a9 and was looking for a travel camera. I bought the X100F and pre-trip I loved it for having in the car and taking silly pictures with friends at bars etc. I also enjoyed the film simulations and that hybrid EVF. Then on a lark, I decided to rent the Leica Q and after my first round with that camera, I sold my X100F and bought a Q. For me, the quality of the pictures the Q produces has no comparison to the X100. I couldn't get over, even in sloppily taken shots, how good (exposure, autofocus) the shots were. I felt like I had a better keeper rate with the Q. I didn't like the Fuji flash (it's placement and it's use) so I never used it, and I never used the Q with a flash, so that Fuji built-in flash offered nothing for me. Plus, I wasn't as bothered by the Q's wider lens, something I thought would disturb me. Lastly, using the Q was so simple, I felt I didn't need a manual, that I could figure things out as I needed to make adjustments in the field, with the Fuji, I felt I had to carry the manual around. As for cost, I bought a used Q and then sold it later. I didn't lose much in that transaction, so you might consider that. I now own a Q2M and I have to say the 47MP sensor is game changing for me. Makes the camera much more useful for more situations. Even if I don't travel now, lol.
  11. Can't help feeling that their might have been a better framing/angle for this picture...
  12. @mth @luetz Damn, I was hoping it would take care of that. I've heard the OEM Leica handgrip will hold the camera upright without the tilt. Maybe still gotta use the lenscap under the lens then...
  13. Thanks @Kreeshp, I'll be using it on a Monochrom also.
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