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  1. Can't help feeling that their might have been a better framing/angle for this picture...
  2. @mth @luetz Damn, I was hoping it would take care of that. I've heard the OEM Leica handgrip will hold the camera upright without the tilt. Maybe still gotta use the lenscap under the lens then...
  3. Thanks @Kreeshp, I'll be using it on a Monochrom also.
  4. Does this combination allow the Q2 to sit horizontally level on a flat surface (i.e., without the dreaded lens "dip"/front of the lens touching the table)?
  5. Man, my condolences. Hopefully, maybe insurance or homeowener's policy might cover some of it? If not, you may be able to get a few bucks on ebay for a dead one. I fell on my Canon 80D with the flash in the hotshoe and the flash went into the prism top of the camera and left a big hole where the flash she used to sit. Flash was fine, camera was not. Ended up selling it like that on ebay with the charger and the battery for almost $200. It's worth a try if you ebay.
  6. I have the B+W XS-Pro Kaesemann in 77mm for my Canon lenses. For a Q2 Monochrom I prefer the Breakthrough X4 CPL. I found it at my local camera shop. But I agree, I only use it to remove reflections which is quite a bit for street photography, I'm finding. https://breakthrough.photography/products/x4-circular-polarizer?variant=39255690576047
  7. That does look good. Is it made of brass or aluminum?
  8. That's pretty typical for the Q. On my trip to Europe, I brought 5 batteries (2x Leica branded, 1x Panasonic branded, 2x generic types). In typical day of shooting, I would use up two batteries and be on the third when I came back to the hotel (I also brought two chargers, lol). One day, I used four and was on the 5th by the end of the day. I found no difference between the Panasonic and Leica batteries in power consumption. For the generic batteries (Promaster brand), I noticed they drained much quicker, either they didn't hold as much charge or discharged more quickly. I would say about 2/3
  9. I have one of the Green Overgaard lens hoods. I bought it when I had a green half-case and a green strap. Anyway, it comes with a pinch cap (just a standard generic pinch cap) that fits in the hood. It is rather big, so that is why when I got tired of my green combo, I retired the hood as well. I think there was sort of pouch that goes with it too. I think it must be in one of my storage boxes now. As a hood it worked well. It was a little bulky, but not too bad if I remember. The ordering process was an ordeal though. The hood comes from China. It took exactly 30 days from my order dat
  10. Iʻm liking and using the Match Technical Leica Q cap LC-SR-01after having used a hood hat as well. Hereʻs my review on both: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qliaCX0LME&t=10s
  11. Thanks for the Zing tip! I'm not a huge fan of neoprene-type stuff, but I could see this being very handy.
  12. Hey gang, I've gotten so much from this forum, I wanted to give something back. I noticed there weren't too many reviews on the Match Technical Lens cap for the Q/Q2 LC-SR-01. I like it quite a bit more than I thought I would. Then when I was searching for a small camera bag to use as an insert for my everyday messenger bag, I looked through the forums again for advice. I narrowed my choices down to two, which I review in the video as well, since most of the review online were at B&H. I reviewed the Mountainsmith TAN Cube Kit (small) and the Artisan and Artist ACAM-76 (which is slightly
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