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  1. Yes, You're right, If I want to compare center and corner fairly, I should take the picture of something on a line (in a plane like builing's wall) Thank you for your good advice. After your comment, I tried to take picture of my book shelf on the wall. The result is similar (in my view, it's same..) (I can't find upload the image file at the 'quote') I'll take plane image for the fair comparison, I'll upload and ask once more. Thanks :-)
  2. Thank you for your detailed opinion. I appreciated your comment with good pictures. I agree that the low sharpness of corner is sum of coma and other aberrations. I knew that old lens had a low sharpness at the corner side. But I can't decide "Is this real performance of 35mm Lens?" You and other's opinion is very helpful to me. Thanks :-)
  3. Yes, It's crop image of whole image. All image which I uploaded is a crop for comparison. I added image of F2.0 (whole image) Indoor photography also has same defect(or glowing?).. Is it a feature of old lens? Thanks for your advice :-)
  4. Leica M-9 (sensor changed) thanks for your concerns.
  5. Hi. I bought a Summicron 35mm F2.0 Lens (written "Leitz CANADA, 2826***) But Image quality of that lens has some question. Upper Left : F2.0 / Upper Right : F2.8 Lower Left : F4.0 / Lower Right : F5.6 F2.0 ~ F2.8 center image is good, but outside(periphery) is glow (or halo?) F4.0 ~ : overall image quality is good. Is this lens good or not? Full-open's glowing is acceptable or not? Plz give your advice. Thanks :-) ps) whole image of F2.0
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    Portrait of YJLee
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