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  1. 75 noctilux at f1.25. Clinical?
  2. Different view and before the sun poked through the clouds S3, S180, f8, tripod and mirror lockup Las Vegas - Red Rock National park
  3. My continuing exploration of the seasons in my area This was taken yesterday at noon right after a light dusting of snow fell in the Las Vegas area. leica S3, 180S, f8.
  4. I have been following this same subject for a number of days. This one morning the sky rained “Pink” for a brief couple of minutes. Leica S3, S180, f8, mirror lock up with remote release.
  5. Well well......winter in Las Vegas ‘S3, S180, f8, mirror lock up and remote release
  6. Morning sunlight on desert yucca S3, S180
  7. Good morning from Las Vegas. S3, 180 at f8. processed in C1 21
  8. Leica M10M 50 ‘Cron APO. I know this seems to be a similar image to my previous posts, but I absolutely loved how the light changed within seconds complemented by the drama of the sky. A bit of Sturm und Drang ! Sorry for my failed Germany attempt :). Nonetheless, there is something purely melodic and fluid with the images this camera and lens combination provide
  9. Hi all Comparison shot Color image = S3, s100 ‘cron , 5.6 B&W image = M10M, 50mm APO ‘cron 5.6 Yes, the comparative images have a competing field of view ratio, and the M10M was hand held as the sun was moving quickly. I love both cameras and both lenses. just thought I would share
  10. Leica M10M, Leica 50 mm APO summicron
  11. Thank you all.. interesting that the 75 is the unanimous choice over the 90!
  12. Thank you MDG 1371. Curious if you have used the Visoflex on your M10 given your comment regarding the SL2 EVF vs RF and the focus challenges?
  13. I have to admit, I am completely enchanted with the images I have seen with the 75. Now I need the tariffs to ease !
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