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  1. Given that it is 102F here is Las Vegas currently, I escaped the heat by looking through some images from this past winter. Here is an image from January in the desert southwest of the USA, where we were welcomed by a bit of snow, ….albeit rare for the desert southwest. I found this moment interesting with the ”tug of war” between sun, snow and storm clouds. The sun lasted a brief moment in the break of the clouds Leica S3, S180 @ f8. A truly remarkable camera and lens combo. Thank you Leica !
  2. A few examples of the S3 All in all, seeing the prints in real life is quite different. There us something I can't put my finger on (some say "cinematic") when using the S glass. I actually had the first print below (mountain and snow) put on Acrylic using the Lumachrome process from Nevada Art Printers. Its stunning is real life. The rest I print on various substrates using my Epson printer. I don't know if this helps but can only say, print print, print. Its an amazing camera
  3. Hi all The photo is not art by any means. Rather it is posted to show the depth of field wide open (1.25) on the 75 ‘noctilux. This is taken on the SL2, at about 8 feet. Shot at 1.25. You can see the “ in focus “ line on the grass. This lens is Amazing.
  4. Smooth mood Leica M10M, 75 noctilux @f1.25
  5. Another moody pic from a nightclub Leica M10M, 75 noctilux, f 1.25
  6. Leica M10M, 75 noctilux, f1.25
  7. Craggy Scrub Brush Red Rock Park Las Vegas S3, S180, @f3.5
  8. I’ve noticed my “lock up” occurs in warm weather and when I am focus stacking, meaning I’m shooting fairly continuous for 10-15 shots. Seems that the unit needs too cool off..nonetheless it’s frustrating.
  9. Leica M10M, 75 noctilux @ 5.6. Orange filter Cholla Cactus, Las Vegas Nevada
  10. 75 noctilux at f1.25. Clinical?
  11. Different view and before the sun poked through the clouds S3, S180, f8, tripod and mirror lockup Las Vegas - Red Rock National park
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