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  1. Anyone know what might be an optimal print size for an art gallery showing and what resolution it would best be at that size?
  2. Had this made by: www.fontenellesupplyco.com They did an amazing job!!!
  3. RockettMan

    Around Me

    Things close to where I live.
  4. RockettMan

    Da Kids

    Some pics of my favorite models, my children.
  5. You are gonna love the SL! It's my fav camera that I have ever had and it shoots 4k video! I also have an M240 and I am borrowing a Q. The SL is just the frickin' bomb!!! The Q is like a mini SL in some ways. The M is of course, M like.
  6. I am going through the expected newbie learning curve of an M Rangefinder. But, it's fun!
  7. OK, so I have an SL and love it. Is it heavy? Yep! Still, it's awesome. So, a buddy just got an M-240 brand new 6 weeks ago. He wound up in some trouble and offered to sell it to me with a Summarit 35mm, a view finder a Canon to Leica adapter. I traded a Rolex (Green Milgauss) that I bought on my honeymoon with my ex wife straight across. The watch is 8 years old. I like to ride a motorcycle and shipped from the saddle and this is a lot less heavy for that purpose. I guess an autofocus Q would be easier, but I think I did ok, right?
  8. RockettMan

    Leica SL

    Leica SL
  9. I haven't had my SL very long, but it's awesome. Yeah, it's heavy, but carrying 2 or 3 lens around and switching is a PITA too! The Hassy looks awesome and its game changer if a person values Medium format. Many of the Hasselblad photogs seem to be a very technical/artistic ilk. Unlike the Mamiya and Fugi crowd.
  10. I think I might really like this ON1 program. I have been a photoshop guy for 20 some years, but for photo organizing this might be the ticket!
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