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  1. Jonathan, Did you get the issue resolved? I have just acquired an otherwise immaculate M6TTL with the same problem. The vendor apparently hasn't used it much for a few years. I often use a 50mm lens and I'm not experienced with an 8.5 viewfinder so I think I need the frame. Can't find anyone here in New Zealand to take on a repair, so looks like I may have to send it to Germany. I have no idea what kind of bill to expect if I do that, but I'm feeling the pain already... Has anyone had an M6 or similar CLA'd by Leica Germany? Or know of a reputable service technician in New Zealand ( or Australia )? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks
  2. Wow, greetings Leica folk, nice way to join the forum! Saw this and had to reply. It's a wonderful little camera; great build quality and amazing 35mm lens; I only wish I knew what happened to mine. It saw - and saw me through - many happy London days and nights, over a good ( and bad ) decade or so...... I always found the meter accurate, and the focussing was fine... mind you I was younger then... weren't we all... and hung out at 5.6 a lot... It's also the only truly compact (film) camera I've ever owned that would fit in a front jeans pocket, and not tell the world how pleased you were to see it.. Im sure you'll love it - take it everywhere, and anywhere. all the best !
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