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  1. horosu

    One of two

    Thank you, Stuart
  2. horosu

    One of two

    One of two remaining inhabitants of a village in western Romania Leica M-D, Summilux 35/1.4 pre-asph at f4
  3. One of two remaining inhabitants of a village in western Romania Leica M-D, Summilux 35/1.4 pre-asph at f4, Silver Efex Pro
  4. Those old lenses have that low-contrast look which just shines on digital sensors...
  5. Summicron 8 elements on M-D (Typ 262)
  6. Summicron 8 elements on M-D (typ 262)
  7. Here is my vote: Review of images remaining after each shot NO Faux film advance lever / thumbrest NO On/off on shutter button YES ISO dial on back YES* Wifi/fotos NO Thumbwheel and bump YES USB-C port YES Frameline lever
  8. Thank you so much for your kind words, Philip!
  9. Hello Alain, Thank you for the suggestion- did that! Bon WE
  10. Hello all, My M-D is the camera that made me forget my Leica MP (and film cameras)- I am not yet sure it's a good thing 😀😀😀. It is like the MP with a digital sensor. Anyway, it S/N is 49829xx and I've purchased it two years ago from Leica Store Firenze. It has worked flawlessly, and I added this year a second battery so that I can go on longer trips without my charger. Recently, I've spent 5 days trekking Mount Athos in Greece with it, a Summicron Rigid and a Summicron 35 "8 elements". I loved the low-contrast, high-res pictures that these lenses deliver so much that I've purch
  11. I was in the same situation like you: had the M9, M240, the M10, but somehow, I still enjoyed shooting film more. Then I got the M-D- now I shoot it almost exclusively. It's like the MP with a digital sensor. All the controls are in the same place. It has the same tactile feeling (due to the black paint).
  12. Great topic! On a recent trip to a very visually appealing place, I shot 360 pictures over a week's time. So, roughly, 50 a day. That's vastly more than I do when when walking about with the camera. In my defense, I own the M-D, which has no screen (I find it liberating) and I may have taken the same photo twice just to be sure that I didn't blow up the highlights. When on holiday, I take less than 10 pictures a day.
  13. I have the regular M60 AKA the M-D and ISO 1600 is like ISO 3200 on the M10 (I had one). I keep wondering why low-light capabilities is so much touted in camera commercials- most, if not all the famous pictures taken (by Magnum photographers for instance, or the World Press photos) were below ISO 1600. Most human activity is done in daylight (yes, I know, not all human activity 😃). But I get it: an ISO number is a more straightforward way to say that the new camera is vastly better than the old. It is also easier for us to say that the old camera is not state of the art anymore. Whe
  14. M-D with 35mm Summilux pre-ASPH v2, at f2
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