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  1. testing a control Cir.
  2. This was taken at the Nikki Six opening at the Leica LA store. Taken with a Sony A7RII with a 40 Summicron-C. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Another. A little to big, Sorry.
  4. Pan F Plus with HC110 Dil. B Thanks for viewing
  5. underground

    Long Beach

    This nice gentleman was riding his bike with a drum he likes to play. He was nice enough to let me photograph him. Neopan Acros with HC-110. Thanks for viewing
  6. Depending on what you shoot the cost varies quite a bit. This stuff came today from freestyle photo in Los Angeles at a cost of about 185.00 USD. there are much cheeper options for film and developer. I develop the film in my kitchen, hang dry them in the bathroom, and scan them to Aperture if i need to adjust them. For a long time it worked out great to use a sweatshirt in the sink in a dark bathroom instead of a changing bag. Good luck!!
  7. I totally agree, it has its issues for me now but it is a good camera. Talking to my son of 13 said he liked using it with with my 50 cron. Getting it fixed is a no brained at this point. It helps getting some input from you guys even though The questions can be lame. Thanks again.
  8. Ok what I meant by cheep is the A7R is less than 1/2 of the SL. That's all. I think I'll have it fixed. Thanks.
  9. So your saying turn the M8 to a current model? Or trade in for a current model? I almost bought the SL to replace it, but instead purchased the Sony A7RII with an M adapter (it was cheep 3,000 USD). It works well but would rather have the SL or a new digital M. Thanks for all the replies. D-Mac
  10. I agree, that I shall pay the repair. It's not that bad really. Thanks, D-Mac
  11. Hi all, Finally dropped the M8 and damaged it. I am looking for some insite from all you knowledgeable Leica pro's. I am thinking about selling it for parts if there is even a market to do so. I sent it to Leica and they want $670. and change. The Quote from Leica is as listed: 1) Adjust sensor 2) Adjust range finder 3) Impact damage 4) CLA 5) Leather covering 6) Rear cover 7) Sealing ring 1x 1,5 My question is. What would it be worth for parts? Or is it a cool looking paperweight? Thanks everyone in advance, Dave Mac
  12. it's FRC Config. Plasma Physics research facility. Please see URL http://trialphaenergy.com Thanks for your comments
  13. Thanks guys, I hope it will work in my lifetime. CMS 20 II
  14. I was Finally able to take Photos at work. Thought you all would like to see. neatest place to work!!! taken with Acros 100 developed with Tmax Developer. Thanks! Ill post more.
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