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  1. testing a control Cir.
  2. This was taken at the Nikki Six opening at the Leica LA store. Taken with a Sony A7RII with a 40 Summicron-C. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Another. A little to big, Sorry.
  4. Pan F Plus with HC110 Dil. B Thanks for viewing
  5. underground

    Long Beach

    This nice gentleman was riding his bike with a drum he likes to play. He was nice enough to let me photograph him. Neopan Acros with HC-110. Thanks for viewing
  6. Depending on what you shoot the cost varies quite a bit. This stuff came today from freestyle photo in Los Angeles at a cost of about 185.00 USD. there are much cheeper options for film and developer. I develop the film in my kitchen, hang dry them in the bathroom, and scan them to Aperture if i need to adjust them. For a long time it worked out great to use a sweatshirt in the sink in a dark bathroom instead of a changing bag. Good luck!!
  7. I totally agree, it has its issues for me now but it is a good camera. Talking to my son of 13 said he liked using it with with my 50 cron. Getting it fixed is a no brained at this point. It helps getting some input from you guys even though The questions can be lame. Thanks again.
  8. Ok what I meant by cheep is the A7R is less than 1/2 of the SL. That's all. I think I'll have it fixed. Thanks.
  9. So your saying turn the M8 to a current model? Or trade in for a current model? I almost bought the SL to replace it, but instead purchased the Sony A7RII with an M adapter (it was cheep 3,000 USD). It works well but would rather have the SL or a new digital M. Thanks for all the replies. D-Mac
  10. I agree, that I shall pay the repair. It's not that bad really. Thanks, D-Mac
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