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  1. I see this hesitancy in the market lately too. IMHO, even people with plenty of money, are looking at their brokerage account value each week, and thinking now is maybe not the time to drop $5k-$10 on camera gear.
  2. And, Canadian craftsmanship is highly regarded in the US. The Ford and Chrysler vehicles manufactured in St. Thomas and Brampton, for example, are regarded as the higher quality units from both marques, and preferred over their US built counterparts.
  3. "might be better to pay a bit more and have peace of mind" Yes.
  4. Within the last year, I paid US $3000 to a US Leica dealer for a Canadian V4, black, in near mint condition. It had just come back from Weztlar with a fresh CLA. I would call that "full price" and not a bargain. But, I'm thrilled with the lens and very glad to own it.
  5. Took the M6 & 35 Cron to the farmer's market this morning. Cloudy, shooting Tmax100 @ 1/50 & f/5.6, and with the Metz auto flash set to f/5.6 as well. Looking forward to finishing the roll and developing it.
  6. I'm keen to find a 75mm Summarit as my first 75mm lens. They don't seem to come up for sale often, but when they do, somebody buys them quickly, which says a lot.
  7. Oh snap! I did not think of that, ... recalculating ... LULz...
  8. Please help me decide what neutral densit filter factor to buy (3-stop, 4-stop, 6-stop) ... ? For shooting ISO 100 in an M6 (1/50 sec) and using my Metz 34 CS-2 auto flash. What I want to do is use daylight fill flash (DFF), but punch it a bit to overdo the effect, sort of an old-school reportage look. Sunny-16 gives 1/50 at f/22. The Metz aperture options are f/2, f/4, and f/8 at ISO 100 (it is a simple little flash). Light will be less than sunny-16 most times, and my preference is to shoot at f/4 or so, but have some adjustment range to deal with varying light. Anybody use DFF with an M6 and film? Any thoughts on a choice for filter factor? I'm leaning toward 3 or 4 stops. Maybe 6? Thank you for your thoughts.
  9. Aramid fibre is another option to protect your strap lugs. See www.dsptch.com
  10. I use a Gossen LunaPro Digital-F light meter. Even when using my M6, I still use the Gossen meter, taking a reading from time to time as the light seems to change. I set the shutter speed on the meter, and adjust the camera aperture according to Gossen's reading. Works very reliably.
  11. But that depends on your point of reference. For the M6 (and earlier bodies), the dial direction matches the meter arrow if you think of the dial surface closest to you. Very logical.
  12. Good point. I regret posting that. JimmyCheng, I apologies. Your review is better than anything I ever posted on YouTube.
  13. I made through 1:20 of pointless B-roll in a 7 minute review and gave up...
  14. @SteveAsh: If you don't mind, would you please measure the external dimensions of the cases, height and maximum diameter? Thank you, in advance.
  15. Nice. BTW, they are available for pre-order at Leica Store - Miami; US$ 70.00.
  16. Looks very good. I really like the retractable hood arrangement, that might be reason enough...
  17. IMHO, the Type IV 50mm Summicron is sweet spot for 50mm Leica lenses.
  18. Elmarit first, then add the Summaron as your 2nd, or 3rd 28. IMHO.
  19. It's worth checking Leica USA, NJ, as they have many items in stock and for sale. Just checked, and there are no MA's of MPs at the present time. I'm sure LS Miami would hold no grudge if you found it elsewhere and canceled their order, as that MP would sell to another very quickly. Good luck.
  20. Looks good, perfect for your brassing BP MA 🙂
  21. A 50mm Summicron, which IMHO is an essential Leica lens for any M-shooter.
  22. With Leica, I shoot film exclusively. For digital, I have an extensive Nikon system, which is far more versatile.
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