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  1. I have the v2 50mm Summilux with the 12586 hood, which I *think* has the identical issue you have experienced. This thread has solved my problem without modification of the lens or the hood. I simply take the unmounted hood and squeeze the hood mounting tabs, then drop the filter (a regular B+W UV) in from the front of the hood, release the hood tabs to hold the filter in place, and then screw the filter into the lens threads. Granted, the hood mounting tabs are not what holds the hood in place on the lens, rather the filter threads do. But, it works great and the combination does not exte
  2. This thread resonates with me, 100%. I am a film-only M-shooter. This is where the traditional Leica lenses really stand out, IMHO. One of my favorites is my 1953 Summitar 50/2 collapsible (predecessor to the Summicron). Love the look 🙂. As you note, the key is to find examples with clean/clear optics. Here are my 'traditional' Leica lenses... 1953 Summitar 50/2 1966 Tele-Elmar 135/4 1970 Summilux (v2) 50/1.4 1972 Summicron (v3) 50/2.0 1977 Tele-Elmarit (thin) 90/2.8 1981 Summicron-M (v4) 35/2 (perhaps a bit too modern for this list) 😉 I enjoy them all
  3. I've noted lately, there are quite a few APO 50 'crons available from private sale in the US $6000-6400 range, which is a rather nice discount below new-retail prices. Still difficult for this M-film-only shooter to justify. The regular Summicrons are very good in their own rights.
  4. Wow, I did not realize the heavy premium that eBay charges. Definitely an eBay turn-off for me.
  5. Type IV 35mm Summicron is easily my favorite M lens.
  6. I dunno, there's a segment of the market (wealthy) where the price premium doesn't matter a whole lot (not me, of course). So, supply and demand, it's a form of freedom, which I like.
  7. I've been reading The Camera by Ansel Adams recently. You are doing it exactly the way Ansel describes it, true hyper-focal distance focusing. Set ∞ at the selected f/stop. Of course, that's to agree with Leica's estimation for Circle of Confusion. But, it works for me shooting HP5+. YMMV
  8. Wow. That is a real drag...
  9. The diminutive size and weight of the Elmarit is a big plus.
  10. Good luck with your refresh. I'm sure that waiting is the hardest part. I hope you have a second M to shoot in the mean time...
  11. "I’m wondering about, and also how much of a limitation it would be in practice to have f/5.6 as the maximum aperture (I shoot 400 speed film...)" I shoot ISO 400 film with my 28mm Elmarit in the f 8-16 range as my (currently) primary street shooting lens. No limitation at all. In fact, you'll have and extra stop (f5.6) in a pinch.
  12. I'm starting to see the Heliar's f1.5 signature. Brightest highlights bloom to a glow, and bright points in the bokeh are shaped like white blood cells. I would look for scenes jam-packed with specular highlights in the bokeh. Nice. I do not need another fifty, repeat, I do not need another fifty, repeat, ...
  13. Thanks for the pics! Looking forward to some of your test shots. I note that the focus throw is rather short, which can be both good (quick focusing) and bad (DoF calibration less accurate).
  14. There is an industrial/automotive product made for this. Loctite®, which is available with different degrees of permanence. For this application, the least permanent is called for. That is Blue Loctite®, which is non-hardening and removable. Use a small pin-head size drop, or even smaller if you can. That would get the job done. Full disclosure: I would stop using the soft-release before putting this stuff on my M. In fact, I would never use any specialty adhesive on my M.
  15. My Nokton 35/1.4 II SC focus resistance is too much as well. And, the resistance is different in left vs. right rotation. I gave $400 for it, so ... OTOH, the v4 Summicron 35mm is light and buttery smooth.
  16. Kew Rockwell has a comparison page, your V2 is a pretty darn good lens. 35mm Summicron Comparison
  17. @derleicaman Fascinating post, thank you. "...Lots more that I can’t talk about..." Please help yourself to a second glass of wine, and spill some of the beans
  18. Yes, but they have the "Leica" logotype, that adds 200%. LOLOL...
  19. Very nice. Congratulations on getting a super-fine Leica lens.
  20. Same eyes here. I find the 28 works with the Voiglander 28mm (conical metal) viewfinder. For zone-focus shooting at 5.6 and up, it works very well. Easy to see through, good frame lines and compact. It stores in a 35mm film canister very nicely. Sales pitch over LOL. Here's mine....
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