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  1. @lct. Agree about bayonet hood, like the Zeiss hoods. That would be a good option as well.
  2. My widest today is 35mm, and I'd like to shoot 28, but wear eyeglasses. This is why I'd like an 0.58. But, rather not a TTL due to shutter sped dial change. Hopefully, one day, I'll come across an MP of M-A with the 0.58 finder (but they are pretty rare).
  3. This annoys me. The front of the lens is most likely to get rubbed, scratched or otherwise impacted during normal use. So, Leica gives you the choice, either damage the $250 hood, or the doubled threaded ring on the lens (which is very delicate). Leica: Please bring back the plastic snap-on hoods!
  4. Over the last several years, I've settled on a pair of M6 classics, and that's been good. Although, I would like an 0.58 body.
  5. Thanks for that link. Nicely done. I could be perfectly happy with a V1 Elmarit. Just need an 0.58 MP or M-A 😉
  6. A Leica photographer would not go wrong having a 50mm Summicron as his only lens, IMHO. Or, a 35mm Summicron.
  7. Creative marketing approach, more analog 'buzz', I like that.
  8. I use the DSPTCH camera "Sling" strap on all my Ms. Very happy with how they handle and wear. DSPTCH.com
  9. It seems like all the M6's are asking more than US $3k these days too. And, I agree, a used MP or MA are probably the value leaders these days.
  10. Comparing XTOL to D-76 or ID-11, I like XTOL most of all. Using it stock on HP5 or TriX results in nice/smoother grain, IME.
  11. Pretty sure it's repacked Foma 400, but it is being well received, and indicates further renewed interest in film photography. Very Cool, IMHO... Vid Purchase Link
  12. Saw one of those up for sale on FM, and thought, "I should grab that", but didn't. Wish I had...
  13. IMHO, the 35 is not all that close to the 50. Good to have both in the kit.
  14. @Boojay Fixed so the M doesn't hit the floor...
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