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  1. There is a more basic question for high resolution sensor customers. What image output format do [I] use that benefits from, or requires, the high resolution sensor? For me, personally, my 16 MP Nikon Df is enough, and my 36 MP D800 has never been fully utilized.
  2. You rekindled an old thought to mine. My first M was an M6 TTL 0.58 bought new in about 1999. I remember being disappointed when I first removed it from the box and saw the silk-screened sticker on the shutter speed dial, instead of proper vintage Leica with engraved and enamel filled numbers. Am I the only one who ever felt that?
  3. Leica has a long, long history of providing various contraptions for attachment to its camera bodies. Most fall to the wayside of history, for better or for worse. Seems like the Visoflex is in that category as well.
  4. I would have been interesting to see what kind of detail the sky would reveal with a full resolution capture.
  5. My experience, after owning three M6 bodies and about 11-12 Leica lenses, never had any lens mount issues.
  6. Painting aluminum raises some issues. For one, bare aluminum oxidizes almost immediately. Therefore, a self-etching primer is needed for paint to adhere (or maybe anodizing works too, not sure on this point). So the black you see is most likely something applied in advance of painting, to get the safari green paint to adhere to the lens.
  7. 35mm Photo credit Kenneth Garrett, of David Alan Harvey.
  8. The D model will have all the internal components moved rearwardly by the thickness of the (deleted display). And, therefore, the lens mount extension also set back to where it is on film Ms. Thumb wheel and rest removed, the ISO dial located in the center of the back of the camera. And, a frame illumination window. Somebody please wake me up from this crazy dream...
  9. Sometimes 'art' is in the editing and selection process. Take Garry Winogrand for example. He took thousands upon thousands of quick snap shots his entire career, but only a tiny fraction of them have become established as "artistic" images.
  10. The ISO dial is the first reminder, for film speed. That way, you can properly expose whatever is in there. Maybe you'll be surprised when you open the camera, but that's a fun surprise. Color or B&W is there other important question. Me, I only shoot B&W.
  11. Sorry to read of your troubles. I think you have done what you can for now. Its sounds like nothing got too far into the interior, which is a relief. I'd be thinking about a CLA by a competent repaired person, giving them a detailed description of what happened and what you have done thus far. After all, the M6J is a bit of a 'special' M and deserves top-treatment. Good luck...
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