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  1. Wow! The Nokton really spanked the Sonnar. Great comparo Harpomatic. You are an asset to the community. [beerclink]
  2. Actually did this today, and your toothbrush technique definitely snugged it up. Seems good enough for now ... Very nice [beerclink]
  3. My black M6 classic, because I like the light meter, film loading, and rewind knob. And, it looks cool 🙂
  4. Thanks! Maybe three little strips of that stuff spaced 120º apart would add just enough material to snug things up.
  5. My 1953 Summitar has the original slip-on cap, but is has diminished grip, given the thousands of times it has been mounted/dismounted over the decades. Does anybody have experience re-flocking the interior to renew the grip? Anybody offer this service? Thank you for your thoughts... - Dan
  6. I experienced this with a Nikon model S rangefinder. The shutter speed dial rotates with the second shutter curtain spindle, I could stop the curtain and move it gradually by controlling the dial movement.
  7. Very interesting. Agree about your blog. [beerclink]
  8. Excellent 'get'. Some pictures would be nice :-)
  9. Indeed, I learned years ago that it is best not to shine a light through a brand new lens. Just shoot with it and be happy.
  10. They need a baseplate protector so the cameras handled at the store counter, or on demo, don't get their base plates buffed or scratched. People dropping $5k+ on their new Leica don't like that [nono]
  11. Yes, they have been hard at work. There are many positives reports on them too. More than tempting...
  12. I'm keen on this question as well. Presently have the v5 50 'Cron and the C-Biogon 35/2.8 (love them both). As a film shooter, I could use more light, although that isn't a truly a big issue for me. The Nokton II 35/1.4 seems to be the logical way to get speed, and being 35mm I could hand-hold at 1/50 sec easily. The Ultron looks very intriguing too. Decisions, decisions ...
  13. Not much interested in the 50mm, but as a Contax shooter back in the day, I would welcome a converted CY 85mm /f2.8 Sonnar lens, its was a beautiful little gem of a lens and would make a great M-mount optic.
  14. I think it was with the introduction of the M6TTL models, which was circa 1998-1999, IIRC.
  15. Leica is a supremely sustainable company. How many of my consumer products have found their way to the landfill, whilst my 1985 M6 is going strong, not to mention my 1953 IIIf?
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