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  1. I buy used, most did not include the box or the leather case. Not important, as neither are useful to me. I do value Leica brand caps and hoods (especially hoods), and factor those into the price I'm willing to pay.
  2. Back in the day, eBay was a great place for camera gear and good deals too. Anymore, it's a mess, and I don't shop there unless there are no other options.
  3. Notice how the strap lug holes are worn out to a larger inside diameter!
  4. No, he's over exposing an under developing. That's going to reduce grain somewhat and tame contrast a bit too.
  5. My favorite is the 35mm Summicron version 4 (11310). Just a fantastic lens, especially in film.
  6. It looks like the camera needs a CLA. Or, use an external light meter. Even though the M6 meter works well, I use a Gossen incident meter 95% of the time. YMMV.
  7. For me, the 35mm Summicron v4 is the one that consistently delivers the magic on B&W film. Size and handling are great too. Least favorite? That's a tough one, as I like them all. Let's just say that my 135mm Tele-Elmar is my least used lens.
  8. Looking for... 50mm Summicron v4, black or silver (already have the black v3 and v5) 35mmm Summicron v4, german-silver (already have the black Canadian)
  9. @Giguchan popflash.com has a silver one in stock Linky.
  10. I have the v2 50mm Summilux with the 12586 hood, which I *think* has the identical issue you have experienced. This thread has solved my problem without modification of the lens or the hood. I simply take the unmounted hood and squeeze the hood mounting tabs, then drop the filter (a regular B+W UV) in from the front of the hood, release the hood tabs to hold the filter in place, and then screw the filter into the lens threads. Granted, the hood mounting tabs are not what holds the hood in place on the lens, rather the filter threads do. But, it works great and the combination does not exte
  11. This thread resonates with me, 100%. I am a film-only M-shooter. This is where the traditional Leica lenses really stand out, IMHO. One of my favorites is my 1953 Summitar 50/2 collapsible (predecessor to the Summicron). Love the look 🙂. As you note, the key is to find examples with clean/clear optics. Here are my 'traditional' Leica lenses... 1953 Summitar 50/2 1966 Tele-Elmar 135/4 1970 Summilux (v2) 50/1.4 1972 Summicron (v3) 50/2.0 1977 Tele-Elmarit (thin) 90/2.8 1981 Summicron-M (v4) 35/2 (perhaps a bit too modern for this list) 😉 I enjoy them all
  12. I've noted lately, there are quite a few APO 50 'crons available from private sale in the US $6000-6400 range, which is a rather nice discount below new-retail prices. Still difficult for this M-film-only shooter to justify. The regular Summicrons are very good in their own rights.
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