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  1. All the full frame Leica SL lenses are included in the lens update, except the 16-35 and the 50 F1.4.
  2. I received my SL2-S today, and I updated the lens firmware for my 24-90 to 2.1. I can also confirm that the loud clicking noise I experienced for my 24-90 on my SL2 is now gone, and it performs almost silently on both the SL2-S and the SL2. I'm very happy.
  3. You cannot control the i40 with the C1 or any Nissin controller. It does not have a radio receiver. You can control it as a line of sight slave, but not with a radio controller. The i60 can be controlled by the C1.
  4. I have the same behavior with my 24-90 and the SL2. I do not hear this noise with any other L, SL or TL lens and I do not recall hearing the noise when on my SL. The noise does not occur when the lens is not mounted or the SL2 is off.
  5. Has anyone successfully used the SF C1 on the Leica SL to control a Nissin i60A for the Fujifilm system in TTL mode? I am currently using the SF C1 on my Leica SL with my SF 60, but I would also like to purchase an i60A for my Fujifilm GFX 50s, and use it as a second flash with my Leica SL/SF C1 as well.
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