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  1. I posted this in the Q2M thread. I hope it's okay to also post here. If not, moderators please remove
  2. It is quite possible the editor you are using does not handle DNG files...well, or even at all. I have a suspicion it is using the very small JPG preview file from the DNG, not the raw date itself. If you can post the DNG somewhere as suggested, someone should be able to easily review. EDIT: I see there was progress on this in additional responses. GuessI should read the full thread before jumping in
  3. I have, and LOVE the 7L version of this bag. I find this to be a terrific solution for 1 or 2 small bodies. In fact, I recently had an extended trip with the Q2M and a SL with a Sigma 45mm attached in the bag. Also had needed memory cards, couple filters, batteries, etc. and still quite manageable. Color vs mono is such personal decision, I hate to assume what would be best for you. On this recent trip I was out for 17 days with the two bodies mentioned above. I've not done the accurate math but I'm thinking I have 4:1 of Q2M to SL. I see mention of low-light capabilities, but the Q2M i
  4. That is pretty unusual. My first instinct was a bad card, but I'm really not sure. Was only 1 image like this or multiples?
  5. I guess that's the beauty of these choices. The Monochrom line is a speciality within the Leica product line. Some love the option, others not so much. You mentioned the clean resolution of the sensor, but there is also a tonal transition quality that is very difficult to match with a color conversion. That last point has often been missed by me but more and more I've come to appreciate it. I have also been quite skeptical of the advantages historically, but have changed my perspective. Many on this forum love to talk about the legacy of Leica and the experience of same. I think the Monochro
  6. HAve you looked at the Q2M (in the Q/Q2 section) or the M10M (in the M section) specific image threads? There is a wide variety of images in those threads. In my option there are some pretty remarkable examples of what these bodies are capable of.
  7. A couple from this morning when I had a brief window of great light. First 2minimal editing and cropped from DNG, the third is crop only from in-camera JPG
  8. To the first point, man, I don't know about others but I for one have more than enough challenges in my life. Sometimes less is better. But I get the full creative context of this. I do find your last point interesting. I get the AE part of it to a point, but I've found that I'm more comfortable shooting manual with the Q2M, though my time with it is extremely limited so far.
  9. This is the path I am on, but with "only" 40 years give or take of schlepping. The Q2 is a remarkably capable camera. 28mm has become a better all-around focal length than I had thought prior to jumping into the original Q. I've pretty much always been a 35-50mm person but also still have a big Canon rig for long focal length. (but hate lugging it around). I recently acquired a Q2M and it's really incredible. It has opened my eyes to some new approaches and new satisfaction, and that's frankly a bit difficult to do sometimes. My in-head debate now is how I streamline and support color
  10. The sky will often be too bright, but I am curious what metering mode you are using? I tend to use center-weighted, but there is also multi and spot. If you are in one of the latter 2 modes it could be impacting the metering and how it "sees" it. Spot mode especially could cause big swings in exposure for other areas.
  11. Be careful with the gaffers tape. The adhesive can dry out and begin to crumble. It can also leave residue where it was stuck to the body.
  12. I've tried Google search, and a search here but come up empty. Is there any reference available for date of manufacture codes for the SCL4 batteries? I have 3 between the SL and the Q2M, and am curious to know the age of the batteries. I suspect the code is the alpha-numeric code in the white rectangle. The 2 I have in front of me for example are JG8A and KDPA. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? Thank you
  13. While certainly very different than the M focus system, I find the manual focusing of the Q to be quite satisfying. I think improvement could be made to provide better zone focusing guides. For example, when I shot with a Fuji it provided a digital scale for the focal zone. It was quite useful and generally accurate.
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