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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll never understand what Leica was thinking adding such a proprietary connection for such a standard and well defined port. Seems an odd place to add Leica engineering and "value" I'm just trying to so some very simple audio using something like the Rode Wireless Go I already have, or even just the video mic.
  2. Thinking about external audio for the SL. Leica has seemingly discontinued the very over-priced AA-SCL4, and I have little desire/need to spend $200 for it anyway. Has anyone found any alternative for the proprietary audio adapter? I suspect there was not enough of a market for a 3rd party to produce one.
  3. i shoot DNG + JPG. The JOG setting is default except +1 contrast. I’m often quite happy with the results. Some images I’ll adjust in post, but it’s typically white point, black point and maybe a slight bit of texture. Rare to do must more, but once in a while I’ll do a little dodge/burn
  4. Jono, as others have said thank you for the extensive review and thoughts around the new body. I too appreciate the time taken to put this together with the content supported by a wide range of images. A small side note...I got a smile when looking at the opening image in full resolution. To your previous point about the sensor being dirty...yeah, it was. But while looking it over a couple of those "spots" turned out to be birds that I never noticed in the header image before clicking. Seems to show the power of resolution quite well. Cheers
  5. Overall, I like what I see with the announcement and reviews fro folks like Jono, etc. BUT, for me, I won't likely be stepping up and buying one. Honestly, the cost is simply too high for my needs. I stepped out of the M-series a while back, but have been wanting to get another but I will look for a great deal on a M10 I think. That said, for what it's worth I think they provided a nice solution. An integration of some modern features into a legacy solution. I think it retains the legacy while embracing the future. All without becoming just another choice on a shelf.
  6. I had a pretty large Fuji kit at one point. I had mixed results, but in the end I never really settled in. Yes, I got some great results but I also got some really odd ones. My last were the xx2 versions, XT, X-pro, etc. I found the xtrans processor to be problematic and at time difficult to work with. The raf files too an incredibly long time to ingest into LR compared to cr2 and DNG. there was also a certain something about the files that always bothered me. I never really could nail it down, but it never met my needs or expectations. I also think the Fuji files have a very digital look to them. The Leica files, at least to me don’t have that kind of harsh digital look most of the time. Still digital of course, but a bit more organic with better transitions and none of the crazy choppiness of xtrans (especially in foliage)
  7. Some great examples of this mode posted here, but I have to be honest. I didn't even know this mode existed! lol.
  8. I find myself continuously inspired on these pages.
  9. Faster cards do make a difference. I used the SD card test page here as a starting point and bought the second one on the list. It’s been great, and it even came with a small reader. https://www.l-camera-forum.com/sd-card-leica/
  10. I find myself mostly shooting DNG + JPEG. Based on this thread, I went back and looked at a bunch of images. In many cases, I found the JPG to be quite good and quote usable. The image being usable or not is of course highly dependent on what that use is of course. The one thing I did strongly prefer was to have the in camera JPG setting to be +1 contrast, everything else to default.
  11. Sorry about that! But I think you will find great enjoyment from the camera!
  12. The Wontancraft products are great. I have the Pilot 7 (and a larger trooper previously). I agree that the 7 is the perfect size. On a recent trip, I actually carried a Q2M and a SL with a Sigma 45mm on the bag, extra batteries, cards, etc. Worked out quite nicely. Only recommendation I have would be to upgrade the latching option when if.when ordering. I find the standard clip a bit difficult at times. The upside of that however it that it does stay closed with a certain level of comfort.
  13. ^^this. I think the thumb grip is compulsory. I have the Leica half case and the Lim’s. I use the Lims more for sure.
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