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  1. Thanks Jono. It would be a great pleasure to meet up if the opportunity arises. Thanks for the serendipity! Huw
  2. Jono Great in depth review as per your usual balanced look. I hope you had a chance to see my images that were used for the Leica website and blog. Strangely, I seem to say more or less the same as you. Best to you, Huw www.palmant.com
  3. Very nice report Jono. It is a lovely thing to behold! Huw
  4. Scott, you are absolutely right. Thanks so much for your knowledge. Only of interest if you use an EVF and try to do portraits on long lenses wide open!
  5. Thanks Scott and Ikarus. I see what you mean now. That is very clumsy I agree, but better than nothing?!?
  6. Thanks Scott. I know using that method you can magnify the image area for focus, but can you move the cursor area up and down, or left and right, like you can using the M10 'joystick'? many Thanks
  7. To Jono and anyone with the M10-D, when using it with EVF, is there any way to move the magnified focus area from the centre of the frame, like on M10-P etc. Thanks
  8. Bought several items from Red Dot via mail order. I have also spoken with Ivor and Elaine, and have always had the very best of advice, service and support from them.
  9. So, I conclude that I will not go too far wrong with a 90mm f2 Summicron E55 version ii or version iii will probably suit me well for my colour portrait shots. Couldn't have done that without you all. Many Thanks HRJ
  10. Adan. Have you shot any portraits using your Non APO 90mm MkII on your new M10 under the 8 foot area? If so, any chance you could post an image. Much appreciate your help so far... I think I'm almost through the shop door ready to buy.....
  11. Thanks so much for that. So unless I have misunderstood, it would appear that if I am mainly wanting to shoot mid close-up portraits, given the mid-zone weakness of the 90 f2 Mk II non APO, and the price, I would be making a good move in going for that lens, rather than the more clinical sharpness of the APO latest version.
  12. lct, thanks for that. Yes, it's sharpness and just that little bit of Leica feel when wide open. Regards.
  13. What a great post, full of detail, and thanks for your trouble. Much appreciated. Your 75mm example is the type of portrait I would be shooting. I think the 75mm probably is a bit too short for tighter portraits, or at least it would create less flattering portraits. Of the Summicron 90mm's, If you had a choice of these two, on a current M shooting colour, from a purely sharpness and contrast opinion, would you pick a 1980-1998 version Non APO, or, a 2000+ version APO? Or actually is your answer as in the next post - a non APO version 2 1980-1998 version. My thanks in advance.
  14. Mainly Ah, now that I had not even considered. Will read up on that one. Many thanks MP 240
  15. You have said what I have been thinking about using the 75 Lux. My only other point is a used 75 Lux is double the price of a used 90 Cron non Apo... and there are lots more 90mm's for sale. Problems, Problems....
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