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  1. henryp

    Is B&H photo an authorized Leica dealer?

    Technically you have to pay NJ use tax. NJ asks on your state tax form which you sign and submit under penalty of perjury. Should NJ determine you owed but did not pay this, they can ask for the tax plus interest and penalties.
  2. henryp

    Is B&H photo an authorized Leica dealer?

    Our retail store and offices are in NY so we have to charge sales tax for every order shipped to a NY address. We have a warehouse in NJ so we have to charge sales tax for every order shipped to a NJ address.
  3. henryp

    Is B&H photo an authorized Leica dealer?

    I cannot confirm this. If we're not the largest I'd speculate we're near the top.
  4. henryp

    Is B&H photo an authorized Leica dealer?

    Indeed we are, and have been for quite a few years.
  5. henryp

    M9 1.162 Firmware Bug (and/or just a broken M9)?

    As you noted, your order included this: B&H # SAE3SD16GBC The code's digit "3" indicates it was the Extreme III card. From reading other forum entries, I see some are advising you the Extreme is new and faster than the Extreme III. This order is from December 2009 BTW.
  6. henryp

    Buying from a US online dealer? Read This!

    Thanks for your order and this post. We're sorry for any transient stress and hope you enjoy your lenses.
  7. henryp

    Waiting for Summilux 50mm to arrive

    I cannot identify you or your transactions. Please email order details to me. My email is in my sig.
  8. henryp

    Waiting for Summilux 50mm to arrive

    Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. I've seen that chart before. For better or worse, B&H's would be far simpler. There's me. Actually for Twitter there's me and a handful of others, but for forums and blogs, there's me. As far as making it hard for the wild speculation to run rampant, I say "Let the wild rumpus begin," but get your facts straight when you do. Thank you Mr. Sendak. :-)
  9. henryp

    Waiting for Summilux 50mm to arrive

    I've been posting replies in the "B&H claiming substantial M9 shipment due..." thread. There, I wrote, "Regarding "Cityman," I don't know who he (or she) is and I have NO details at all about the order. I am reluctant to speculate in the vacuum." It is our policy to fill M9 orders in the order we received them regardless of what else is included in the order and regardless of the M9 customer's prior order history. First come, first served.
  10. henryp

    B&H Photo M9 availability changes?

    You are mistaken. I've been at B&H for 15 years. Throughout it has always been our practice to require payment in full (excepting COD orders) when the order is placed. This is not a new policy and we make every possible effort to make sure customers are aware of this before an order is finalized.
  11. henryp

    Bitched like Hell...

    Actually, if you choose COD as the payment method, a 10% deposit by credit card is all we require. And, with a 35+ year history of unimpeachable ethics and pristine integrity I think your use of "blackmail" was undeserved. That though is my personal opinion. Outrage might be understandable if this is what happened. It is not. We did not begin accepting orders for the M9 until we'd been assured by Leica USA of approximately how many and approximately when we'd be receiving them. We certainly regret any overoptimism on Leica USA's part but understand they rely in promises made to them by Leica in Germany as we rely on their promises to us.
  12. henryp

    Bitched like Hell...

    I am sorry to have to say this, but this is simply 100% incorrect. B&H has 1,000+ employees. Many (like me) are not related to anyone else here and in today's economy I am as concerned as anyone about keeping my job. The idea B&H is all run by a bunch of same-surnamed 2nd cousins with absolute job security is ludicrous.
  13. henryp

    Bitched like Hell...

    I replied here.
  14. henryp

    Digilux 3 back in stock at B&H

    You've piqued my curiosity. Feel free to email me. We have Caller-ID which we use to route calls to particular sales queues for international customers or NAPP members, etc. We monitor or record some calls for quality assurance and training purposes, but we advise callers of this (as we're required to do) before the caller is connected to a sales associate or customer service employee. This is standard operating procedure for ANY company which maintains a call center, whether it's customer service, product support or sales.
  15. henryp

    Digilux 3 back in stock at B&H

    Sometimes the limit on how many you can add to a shopping cart reflects actual inventory and sometimes it reflects our intent to limit the quantity sold in any single order to deter other retailers from filling their inventory while depleting ours.