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  1. Leica is doing themselves no favors dragging their feet on the SL2 firmware and not communicating this more transparently.
  2. Has anyone ever seen bokeh like this before? Those images are crazy (in a good way)?
  3. Paid for my preorder. Can’t wait.
  4. @chris_tribbleHow are you getting the camera and lens information in the bottom left hand corner of your images?
  5. Stephen at CameraQuest said preorders will open up toward the end of this month. I fully expect this lens to be a hit.
  6. Thanks for the information. I’m waiting for Stephen at Camera Quest to open up ordering for the US. encouraged by the review that stated at f/4 it sharpens up like other CV 50 lenses.
  7. My favorite feature of the SL2 is holding the shutter button down can reveal the review image until you take your finger off the shutter. That is a really nice way to review a photo you just shot without having the auto review on.
  8. Sample photos look promising. http://www.cosina.co.jp/gallery/iida-h50mm-f1_5/index.html
  9. People have Sony televisions, phones, etc. Even if they did look it up, they would have to choose from one billion different models. Leica cameras are another story in the price department.
  10. I would have agreed with you until a year or so ago. More and more people want to know what camera I am shooting. Using a M10, people just assume(d) it is/was a film camera or a retro digital. The SL, well, not so much. At first I told people it was a Leica. Then when I would bump into them again they would comment on the camera and the cost. This led to a few conversations that were not ideal. I saw the SL2-s was blacked out and that got me to thinking about doing that to my SL2 and SL. I won't decide for a few months because it breaks my heart to think of doing that to my camera.
  11. The re-issued 1.2/50mm Nocti is recognized in the latest firmware for the Leica M10. I am guessing beta testers are bound by an NDA to not comment (?) on the upcoming FW release. I am going to assume (surely!) the 6 bit code will be added.
  12. The re-issued 1.2/50mm Nocti is recognized in the latest firmware for the Leica M10.
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