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  1. For scanning slides my recommendation would be a Reflecta/Braun scanner from the DigitDia series. These are automated scanners that can scan entire magazines on their own. This is really an important feature if your collection is quite large. I would just buy an older model on Ebay and resell it after scanning the collection.
  2. No frame preview lever? Like what they did with the M-E 220?
  3. Good morning, Not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but I suppose that many Leica owners also happen to own a Rolleiflex. Are Rolleiflex backs interchangable between cameras of the same type? I own a Rolleifex 3.5F with a glass plate back. Can I just exchange this back for a standard back and start shooting? Or would such a change require recalibration of the camera? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. ---mk
  4. I my experience these scratches are typically caused by lab machines (dirty rollers). Just sacrifice a film and run it through your camera (no need to develop it) and carefully examine it. If there are scratches its your camera at fault.
  5. Corner house in Chodecz, Kuyavia, Poland, Summilux 35 FLE
  6. Old mill in Ruda Chodecka, Kuyavia, Poland, Summilux 35 FLE
  7. Orthodox Cemetery in Warsaw, 35 FLE
  8. Just buy a non-gaming IPS panel from a decent brand like Asus or Acer. Preferably with a 1920 x 1200 resolution (16:10 screen ratio). Those vendors have (home)office monitor series that should fit your requirements.
  9. My very own room Summilux 35 FLE, F1.4
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