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  1. There was a "tweaked" LowePro Micro Trekker 100 and 200 version targetted at M users from a German company advertised in LFI a year or so ago. Paul
  2. Try the Camera Exchange, ask for Dave or Paul. I know they have some in stock but not which ones The Camera Exchange (Powered By OpenCart) They are just around the corner from Camera Lane mentioned in previous post. Paul
  3. Hi Mark, This is not zooming but does have dioptre correction... MS-MAG x1.35 magnifier for Leica M ¥16,900 - Magnifier for Leica M viewfinder. Multicoated. Includes dioptre adjustment facility (-3.0 - +1.5). japan exposures | films and more (formerly Megaperls Japan Webshop) Paul
  4. If it's for travel have you considered the Macro Elmar M? Very small and light fits in pocket easily. Paul
  5. I'd also recommend a 28mm as single lens choice. My preference would be the 'cron for the extra speed, this is my main lens on my M8. Paul
  6. 90mm because I can't see your reflection well in the eyes F6 because reasonable depth of field around head 640 Macro Elmar because I think it's a little less common ??? Paul
  7. I forgot to mention that there is a GST refund scheme here in Australia too. GST is 10% and is refunded at the airport, the shops will tel you how to do it. Paul
  8. In Melbourne Australia the Camera Exchange in Lonsdale street is an official leica dealer (Australia's biggest). They also sell on ebay *NEW* Leica M8 Digital Black - eBay, Digital SLR, Digital Cameras, Lenses, Cameras. (end time 08-Mar-08 14:46:10 AEDST) M8 new AUD 5990 Paul
  9. Hi, Given the availability of great deals on 2nd hand cameras these days I wondered if anyone had bought a new R9 (as in brand new) lately, or plan to, for use without DMR? Paul
  10. Also the Special Editions M's, DMR, Projectors...
  11. Also interesting what is not there. I can't find projectors or special edition M's, maybe they are in a sub-menu somewhere or Leica have moved on from them.
  12. DPReview still has the M7 versus M8 (original) shutter in their review Leica M8 Review: 5. Body & Design: Digital Photography Review I certainly would like the M8 to sounds like my MP 3
  13. Another point on the viewfinder is that is does not have the push in fitting to the body used on the MP but the screw in used on the M6. This is is a better more dust proof mechanism. It's a beauty! Paul
  14. Following on from my earlier reply I had my 'Lux Asph 50 checked at my local camera store and it definitely was a lens problem. The lens will be off to Germany next week and will likely be spending Christmas in Solms...
  15. Just going through the same thing myself. First I thought it was the M8 but comparing with other lenses eliminated this. I'm planning to check the lens on another M8 in the next few days and if it is wrong then it's back to Germany with it (still under guarantee).
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