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  1. There are rare cases in which thoroughly vetted backup batteries supplied by a major telecommunications company can cause problems. After years of faithful service, the lead-acid battery in my Verizon FiOS optical network terminal needed to be replaced. I ordered a new replacement battery from Verizon, and when it arrived, I installed it according to their instructions. After it was connected, none of the lights on my optical network terminal lit up. I called Verizon, and was asked if any light, even the "failure" light, was on. My answer was "no". The Verizon representative told me that such failures were extremely rate, but they did happen. The new battery developed an over voltage for a brief moment when it was first connected, and it totally destroyed my optical network terminal, which Verizon replaced at no cost to me the next day. Verizon switched to a battery backup unit using eight D cells, which are to be connected only when needed, and have the advantage of being able to be purchased locally. I decided to invest in a third UPS device, identical to the ones I use with my computer.
  2. Video from Leica Camera Australia (24 min. 29 sec.) titled "How to set up the Leica D-Lux 7. Sample images and menu descriptions." at <<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTT0garNL8I>>
  3. If I recall correctly, I have seen cases in which Apple added support for a new camera to an operating system older than the current one. I do not recall whether the operating system was so old that it would not be getting any updates other than crucial security updates. Apple tpyically supports the most recent system software, and the two generations before it. These days, High Sierra, which I am still using, gets only security updates and Safari updates. I do recall reading years ago, when Apple's Aperture program was still being sold and supported, that support for a camera was taken quite seriously by Apple, and that thousands of test images were involved in providing support for each camera model. The lead developer for Aperture is the developer for RAW Power.
  4. Apple publishes lists of which cameras are supported by which operating system versions. Example: Digital camera RAW formats supported by iOS 12 and macOS Mojave https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211241 The Apple Knowledge Base article is linked from the support page for RAW Power. https://gentlemencoders.com/support/
  5. Gear Patrol: https://gearpatrol.com/2017/11/21/review-leica-cl/
  6. Those of you who expressed an interest in macro lenses might find this review of interest: LensVid Exclusive: Nanoha 5X Lens Review and Introduction to Super Macro Photography | LensVid.comLensVid.com
  7. The survey has six choices, not one of which is: Too expensive to buy now, but likely worth saving up for.
  8. The app is an iOS app and is mentioned on page 196 of the English manual, which can be downloaded from: Downloads // Leica T // T-System // Photography - Leica Camera AG Launch iTunes, and then go to the iTunes Store. Search for Leica. You will see the app named Leica T, which requires iOS 7.0 or later. There is no such app in the Apple App Store for Macintosh.
  9. I have read that the same thing happens with Quad electrostatic loudspeakers, except that the "feel bad" period tends to be longer than one month.
  10. "bag fetishists" has a remarkably low 1,390 hit count on Google, soon to be 1,391. Thanks for the new vocabulary.
  11. Touch-Screen Gloves Your Frozen Fingers Will Love - Slideshow from PCMag.com
  12. Based on your avatar photo, I would have assumed that in the sixties, you were about minus ten to twenty years old. I really enjoy your contributions to this forum.
  13. Gepe makes a product called the Gepe Card Safe Extreme that has an anti-static inner material. The cases meet the IPX-7 standard for being watertight.
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