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  1. Not sure i hope so .. as what would this mean for future use
  2. Hi i am having some issues with my Q sometimes the camera gors blank as though its off, when its on. sometimes when i set the video running an use on my tripod, when i try and play back it has not recorded rhe video ?? Any one else had tbis or any advice woukd be welcome. thanks
  3. sounds like a good idea i would like the same advice also for my Q
  4. I agree with you is an awesome camera and it’s the hands and eye not the camera !!! Happy days
  5. Keep it as no one will pay for this after you have told them will be useless ! Seriously it’s a great camera and will work well for another 20 years have faith
  6. I did not take these next 2 pictures, a professional photographer did these for me, just thought you may all like to see my Grill, that I cook the Beef on, of which I will be posting some of my food shots, as I practice and hopefully with some great advice i will continue to improve slowly. Today I took a few food shots, and then decided to try a short video, I forgot to use Auto on the video so was all out of focus, just shows I don't take much video. Must try harder ! Hope you like my Grill.
  7. Starting to get the hang of lightroom now and Adobe PS in general, another 20 years and I should have it all sorted out. LoL here is a couple of before and after shots of some Yorkshire Beef.
  8. my first attempt at meat, using only natural light, operated the camera in manual, trying to capture the meat in all its glory
  9. thank you, yes thats a good idea I have been doing this, as find it more interesting in manual I am making errors though but sure as you say will help me improve [i hope]. Thanks
  10. well as a complete beginner I, with all your great help and advice I am having a fantastic time learning, the forum is wonderful and offer a great deal of enthusiasm so thank you all. Cheers
  11. Thank you for all the great advice and information, will be trying to use my camera as much as I can, while I explore by trial and error [probably errors than anything else] LoL Cheers
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