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  1. I installed the iPad Version (on an 9.7 iPadPro)and connected a TL2 with about 350 pictures on the Card. After the connection, although the camera was saying it was connected it took the App about 20 seconds to start building the previews. This at a speed of felt 1 per Minute. After about 15 minutes there have about a third of the previews generated. When selecting pictures for download, 2 in one instance and 6 on a second trial, it takes 2 minutes (yes two minutes as per system time) until the download window appears. once you start the download for DNG it takes another minute until download
  2. The New version should be faster and more stable. Well it isn’t. Connection brakes up, preview is slow, download takes ages to start and brakes up after the first pictures. They are now playing around for over year and don’t get it to run properly. Think you can safe the money. After what you pay for the camera they want to charge you for an app that does not work. More arrogance is not possible!
  3. Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?
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