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  1. I have been reading very good things about the 150-600 as well, and probably won't go wrong. My point on the 90-280 on the SL2-S is that you have the ability to 100% crop in and maintain 24MP, so you are getting close to 600. Obviously price is completely different and based on maybe not using this zoom very often the Sigma is a great choice for the pocket book. The reason I like the idea of two SL bodies is that the lens can be shared across both, so you get redundancy with camera system as well. I love all the other tips/advise that @jaapv has provided around gear, redundancy, travel tip
  2. My quick thoughts on this thread. I went on a Safari in 2019 and contemplated this same question. Here was my solution and what I would do differently if I get the chance to go again. My Approach in 2019 Leica SL (601) Leica 24-90 Panasonic 70-200 4.0 with 1.4x extension M Glass (21 3.4, 35 Summilux & 50 Summilux) 3 Batteries What I would now do differently in 2022 Two Camera Bodies Leica SL2-S with 90-280 (ability to crop hi-res images essentially almost doubles the reach throughout focal length to an equivalent of 24MP. L
  3. Thanks for your insights and helps validate what I think I already knew. The M in its simplistic form is all about the photographic experience and coupled with the amazing M glass had the unique and desirable Leica look. I think it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” do I take the plunge.
  4. Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments. This weekend I went out with my SL2-S and 2 M lenses (50 summilux and 35 summilux). I truly enjoy the shooting experience with the SL2-S with the EVF, so maybe I will just keep dreaming about the idea of the M. I like the idea of renting an M, but wish Leica did a loaner program for the M like they have done for the SL in the past. Thanks again and like others have said , Tom your pictures are fantastic!!
  5. I looking for some perspective from M owners that are also Leica SL owners. I entered the Leica world back with the original Leica Q, coming from many years with Canon DSLR. I loved the “Leica look” as well as the ergonomics so much that I jumped all in with Leica SL system including a couple native SL lenses, and several M lenses that I love using with the Leica SL. I have also upgraded to the SL2 and SL2S. The lure of the range finder has always been there and I am trying to decide if I would like the M experience or would the optical range finder frustrate me coming from the amazing E
  6. To clarify my prior post, I have the original SL with the RRS L bracket and it works great, I also have the SL2 and for this camera it requires a different RSS L bracket that is compatible with the SL2 or SL2-S. The original RRS for the SL only works with the original SL.
  7. You can have up to 4 Independent Info Profiles that contain different combinations of the available auxiliary displays including the following: Info Bars Grid Focus Peaking Clipping/Zebra Level Guage Historgram These can be programs under the 4 Info Profiles in the menu under "Camera Settings", "Capture Assistants", "Settings" Once you set the 4 profiles you can toggle between them using the FN button on the back left side of camera. This is the default button for rotating through the profiles.
  8. The SL Thumbsup and Really Right Stuff L bracket are not compatible with SL2 or SL2-S.
  9. I have had the 24-90 as the first lens I purchased with the original SL. It is big, but it is a great one lens solutions that I primarily use for landscape while traveling. Weather sealed and covers the range of focal lengths needed. I think the comments about it being big are relevant for people use to the M system, but if you are a legacy SLR user (canon or Nikon) the size is very familiar as a versatile zoom lens with incredible quality. When I travel, I take the 24-90 as well as SL35 for a more compact solution. I also bring along a few M lenses (35 summilux, and 50 summilux) for more
  10. Better ISO performance, smaller files work for 80% of needs, colors out of camera (less post editing), dynamic range at higher ISO. AND BLACK "LEICA" LETTERING
  11. Curious to hear back if you purchased the SL2-S and if yes, do you see the differences shared in the various posts?
  12. I have experienced similar challenges with backlit situations. I do like during walkabout situations during bright days for a lot of situations, but I generally prefer center weighted and then dial in my preferred exposure with Exposure Compensation.
  13. You truly do not have to scroll through numerous menus. It is really simple program one of the camera Function Buttons to help. I have the top of camera button programmed to Drive Mode, which seamlessly allows me to switch between the various drive modes including Exposure Bracketing. You can also set-up the 6 programable User Customized settings to include various settings based on how you use the camera. No need to do this through the App.
  14. There is no perfect camera that meets everyone's needs. I didn't know that Exposure Bracketing without Time Release was a problem until I read this post, but that is because of my use cases. I cannot think of a situation where I would need these combined, especially with a tripod, IBIS, etc. (Again this is based on my personal use cases and I do a lot of landscape). If longer shutter speed is being used where movement with manual shutter release can be an issue, then I cannot imagine that this would then be a use case where i would use Exposure Bracketing. Again just my personal experienc
  15. What are your settings for various functions as a strategy to help with the battery optimization?
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