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  1. Curious to hear back if you purchased the SL2-S and if yes, do you see the differences shared in the various posts?
  2. I have experienced similar challenges with backlit situations. I do like during walkabout situations during bright days for a lot of situations, but I generally prefer center weighted and then dial in my preferred exposure with Exposure Compensation.
  3. You truly do not have to scroll through numerous menus. It is really simple program one of the camera Function Buttons to help. I have the top of camera button programmed to Drive Mode, which seamlessly allows me to switch between the various drive modes including Exposure Bracketing. You can also set-up the 6 programable User Customized settings to include various settings based on how you use the camera. No need to do this through the App.
  4. There is no perfect camera that meets everyone's needs. I didn't know that Exposure Bracketing without Time Release was a problem until I read this post, but that is because of my use cases. I cannot think of a situation where I would need these combined, especially with a tripod, IBIS, etc. (Again this is based on my personal use cases and I do a lot of landscape). If longer shutter speed is being used where movement with manual shutter release can be an issue, then I cannot imagine that this would then be a use case where i would use Exposure Bracketing. Again just my personal experienc
  5. What are your settings for various functions as a strategy to help with the battery optimization?
  6. My set- for travel: SL2-S - with peak design sling strap 24-90 is a one lens solution, no need to change it when out hiking or site seeing. 3 M Lenses (21/3.4, 35/1.4, and 50/1.4), provides an option to go lighter on some excursions or when out in the evening. The 21/3.4 is an amazing landscape lens. 3 Batteries
  7. And one street portrait taken late night with 50 Summilux at around F4.0 and 6400 ISO.
  8. Enjoy the ride. I promise you will love the files coming out of the SL2-S. I use it with both SL and M lenses and I am very pleased for everyday use and street. I love shooting with the summilux lenses in low light. Example picture taken with SL2-S and the 35 1.4M at ISO 6400.
  9. jumping back in, I couldn't agree with this approach, but would add when in doubt (or hybrid situations) I find myself picking up the SL2-S more than the SL2. I do also agree with a prior post that the cropping ability of the SL2 files is a fantastic benefit. I went back last night and was looking at some of my older SL2 shots and the resolutions is a huge advantage for this use case. If you are fortunate to own both, then I think that is a good direction. If I had to pick one it would be the SL2-S, but I wouldn't own two SL2's. I am still on the fence of whether I will keep my SL2, but w
  10. Night and day difference. Have been with the SL systems from the original SL to the SL2 and then the SL2-S. The SL2-S is incredible in low light and in all other situations. Pictures taken at 6400 are very useable. I still have all three, can't give up the original SL, but the SL2 will be sold. Just have not been happy with the noise in shadows even in situations with plenty of light. The 24MP files from the SL2-S are plenty big to even print very BIG prints.
  11. For Leica SL2S or SL2 Extra Camera Battery x 2 required for full day of shooting with SL autofocus lenses Really Right Stuff L Plate https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/Leica-SL2-Camera_2 Incredible build quality and fit for quick and easy tripod mounting in either landscape or portrait orientation + provides nice balance and extra protection for camera body while out and about. Peak Design Leash Shoulder Strap https://www.peakdesign.com/products/leash peak design straps are well designed and easily adjustable for different ways of wearing cross body
  12. Thank you. Unfortunately, I get an error every time I have tried to download the release notes that the webpage is unavailable, so have not been able to access them. Just tried again and finally working.
  13. I have discovered a new serious issue that was not happening prior to upgrading to firmware 2.0. This issue is with focus peaking and capture assistants. I have various capturing assistants customized for the four “Info Profiles”. I have “focus peaking” turned on all of the profiles along with others dependent on each profile. For example, I have “leaves gauge” and “grid” plus “focus peaking” on Info Profile 1. I then have the FN button on back of camera programmed to “Toggle Info Levels” so that I can easily cycle through the various “Info Profiles” with the different settings. No ma
  14. After spending more time with the camera after taking these steps, I have discovered that yes the Profiles show the proper profile # in the quick menu and switch as I change profiles, however the actual customized setting that I had taken substantial time thinking through and setting up have been lost. I am now having to reset manually all the customized setting in the profiles. Having been an owner of the original SL, I recall a similar issue with firmware upgrades not retaining profile settings properly after a firmware upgrade. Would be nice if this gets addressed in future upgrades.
  15. I took these same steps as recommended in the 2nd edit and it took care of the problem. An extra, 5 minutes of work, but annoying none the less.
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