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  1. I am an old film guy and still use my M3 occasionally. I shot color slides or B&W and had to have a different mindset depending on which was loaded. I enjoyed both. I love my M-D which is obviously color. I’ve converted sometime to B&W, just like others. I always found that process to be open to fiddling. Lots of opportunity to fiddle. for me, the Q2M eliminates all the fiddling. It’s just outstanding B&W and harkens back to shooting B&W film. I very much enjoy it.
  2. I very much enjoy using my Sekonic L-208 Twin Mate. Accurate and rides well in my pocket. I have tracked my exposures and using sunny-16 is almost in-sync with the meter reading.
  3. I enjoy loading a new roll into my M3. I'm super happy when I see the rewind knob move!
  4. Like most of you I've owned and shot a lot of cameras over the years. I never liked autofocus much and always preferred a manual film camera over the tinkering of a digital. I've never liked EVF. I've enjoyed the Leica M-D since it came out and it's like a film M but with digital capture. Very nice. But I always wanted to go back to mono. I occasionally enjoy shooting black and white film but seeing color has always been a distraction for me. Now, the Q2 Mono is amazing. This is the first EVF I actually enjoy. And, I thought 46 MP is a marketing gimmick. No way! I really like the 28mm on the Q2. The ability to crop without concern is wonderful. The detail and clarity is amazing. I'm sold!
  5. DxO doesn't support my M-D so I went with Topaz. I am satisfied with the results.
  6. On the Q2M the Zoom / Lock button works as a back-button focus just like I expect. What isn't working for you?
  7. I posted pictures of the grip on the M-D in the forum.
  8. Functionally works for me well. As you see, a slight offset to the back of the M-D. Otherwise, fits well. No jiggle or looseness at all.
  9. If you have one and another M give it a try. If you don't you may consider it for your older M.
  10. Not perfect but functional. Perhaps it fits other Ms...
  11. Testing the Q2M today to see what if anything I may want to do automatically when importing. I see no change when applying the Built-In Lens Correction Profile in LR. And, other than image-specific artistic alternations, I really see nothing I need to do to the images. What, if anything, are you doing to your Q2M files regularly or upon import? Thanks
  12. Did you use a colored filter on the lens for this shot?
  13. I ordered the Q2M from B&H today. I've been considering one for a while. When I examine B&W (or color frankly) images on this site and others the images that I find incredible tend to be these Q2M shots. The smooth gradation and detail is wonderful. I look forward to not fussing with the B&W conversion from color. I always seem to get hung up messing with it. I expect the Q2M will harken back to shooting B&W film. Which I sometimes do on my 60-year old M3.
  14. My M3 is 60 years young, just like me...
  15. I too enjoy my M3 and a Sekonic Twinmate. I don't need a camera to meter and I don't need a meter to take a shot.
  16. I'm 60 and love my 60 year-old M3 SS with a contemporary 50 f2.0 Summicron. It's really my favorite film camera ever.
  17. Solved.... "Eli Kurland Photo is literally 25 feet down the hall from the Leica gallery" That was the shop. The website now take me to the Leica Store SoHo. Called them and Eli answered the phone. Small world. Thanks for your time in this discussion.
  18. That looks like the gallery side to me. As I recall, the shop had used and new Leica and Rollei or hasselblad. Was that shop owned by Ken Hansen? Funny if it was because twenty or more years later I bought my M-D from him via his email address. He was in Florida then.
  19. I purchased an M6 at a small shop specializing in Leicas in NYC back in the 90s, I think. It was next to a Leica gallery or something like that. The shop also had a rental space for shoots. Anyone know who's shop that was or anything about it? I'm just curious about it and what may have happened to the owner and the shop. Thanks
  20. M-D 262, 400 ISO, 50mm, f2.4, 1/125 Edited in Luminar 4 / Topaz DeNoise plugin
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