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  1. It not all bad news https://www.thephoblographer.com/2021/05/04/leica-sl2s-autofocus-firmware-2/
  2. It is definitely the hood, mine was replaced and it is not much different. My other 3 SL lens have never fallen off but the SL 16-35 hood is off with the slightest bump. I like using the lens hood for protection and find a lens caps not necessary when doing so. I have been wondering if a small bit of black electrical tape on the lens would make the lens hood more snug & secure.
  3. Some Black electrical tape works perfectly and the camera remains intact. It has been on my SL for many years and my SL-2 for one. I cut it in the shape of the body and it is pretty much invisible or blends right in.
  4. I guess that's what they mean about drain the swamp.😗
  5. Could an SL2 Firmware Update be closer. From the M Forum Post Firmware update: Perspective correction for the Leica M10-P, M10-R and M10 Monochrom By LUF Admin, 7 hours ago in Leica M10 To begin with, the new Leica Perspective Control function will be available for the camera models Leica M10-P, M10-R and M10 Monochrom.update
  6. Thanks. I don't know the details of these manual focus options well enough to fully understand the pre & post update characteristics and am focusing right now on setting up which setting I prefer for each of my 3 compatible lens. Once I find my preference with each lens on my SL2 it seems according to what I am hearing those setting will automatically carry over when used on the SL601. It all seems to be a good step forward.
  7. I have updated my SL 35, 24-90 & 90-280 via SL2 and all is working well. I still have my SL 601 as a second body, should I also be individually updating the FW on the SL 601with each lens as well? Seems SL 601 users are seeing and liking MF after the update.
  8. Thank you. Interesting that the lens update is only on the SL2-S page. Looks like a great update. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi, What version of FW is that and where did you download from. In addition, where did you set those to 90 & 150 degree turns in MF. Thanks.
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