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  1. Donzo98

    I purchased the 75/2 SL

    It's awesome...
  2. Donzo98

    TL Lens Question

    The crop factor is 1.5 I believe... not 1.6 The equivalent on 35mm is 16.5-34.5 (16-35 ish). On both the CL and SL... the 11-23 looks like a 16-35. The CL because of the sensor size, and the SL because it only uses part of the FF sensor.
  3. Donzo98

    Leica CL substitute for Leica Q?

    Traded my Q for a CL + cash. I have the 23 F2 which lives on the camera most of the time. I added the 18-56 to have a standard zoom when I want versatility. I LOVED the Q... but the ability to change lenses, and the fact that once the Q2 comes along, the price will drop like a stone pushed me to the CL.
  4. Donzo98

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    Still on the fence.... big dough :)
  5. Donzo98

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    I just sent him an Email Thanks for the idea...
  6. Donzo98

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    Hmmm... yeah I do actually. Good idea. Is that what you did??
  7. Donzo98

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    Two things... Ken Hansen and Adorama are both in NYC, and so am I. Not good.... already expensive enough without paying sales tax. Next... I wasn’t aware there was “grey market” with Leica. If I buy from HK, wouldn’t I have a full warranty?
  8. Donzo98

    question on rub marks

    Complete non-issue. When I first read it... I thought it was at least on the outside of the camera Don't stress it...
  9. Donzo98

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    Yeah... crazy Thinking of buying one from HK.
  10. Anyone know if the lens is available anywhere??
  11. The good thing about the lenses besides how good they are, is the size. I bought the 23 first (which lives on my camera nearly all the time)... and then got 18-56 next for travel. Both excellent...
  12. Donzo98

    New addition to the herd...

    True A few stragglers maybe. SL...10 Voigtlander, 50 0.95, 50 APO, 75 SL CL... 23 F2 and 18-56
  13. Donzo98

    New addition to the herd...

    Here you go...
  14. Donzo98

    LIM Thumb Grip for CL

    Ah... I get it. That won't be an issue for me. The CL will never be on a tripod. If I was going to tripod mount it, I would have bought the Lim case... to use my RRS stuff. For any serious tripod stuff... the SL comes out
  15. Donzo98

    LIM Thumb Grip for CL

    Why is it more convenient?? The bottom opens on that as well... seems the same to me.