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  1. Maybe he's in room 4 of the mental hospital too
  2. I use this... I like that it gives me access the SD card and change battery without removing the case. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Leather-Camera-Half-Case-Bag-Protective-Covers-Fit-For-Leica-SL2-Digital/124220663303?hash=item1cec20e607:g:c98AAOSwXQRe41UT
  3. Welcome to crazy town
  4. You really think any of us on the LUF wouldn't support a decision to move to Leica ?
  5. Nice deal... where did you buy??
  6. Yeah... people have different standards of course... but my SL2-S is much more than usable well above 3200. I would say usable to 25000 and GREAT at 12500 and under. Photos only... I don't shoot video.
  7. I agree completely... those Lumix videos are excellent.
  8. I was using AF-S, AF mode set to Face detect, half shutter press... Once I changed to AF mode to Face detect rather than single field, I got the boxes (big for body, smaller for face).
  9. I didn't even try AF-C... just used AF-S .
  10. With all the hype surrounding the Sony A1's incredible AF algorithms, I was curious to see how many of you are using the Face/Body detect on the SL2 and S bodies. I read an old thread here last night saying that Face Detect is actually eye detect on an SL body. I tried it last night using the SL2-S and 50 APO SL @ F2. I noticed that the box surrounds the face... not an eye, as in the Sony bodies. I would certainly prefer to know the exact focus point... rather than just a big box around the face. With that said... here is the result. Pretty damn good I would say.
  11. Can someone please check to see what items came in the box with the S1/R bodies? Specifically in the box with the strap etc... are there two cables?? USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A ? What other stuff? Both USA and NON-USA please respond.
  12. No... the items that you see in the EVF in recording mode.
  13. Hey Guys... I have been trying to figure out how to change items I see in the EVF/ LCD on my S1. I bought it used... and the last owner has some different things than I would choose. I have been looking in the manual... but can't seem to find it. Thanks...
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