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  1. Correct, the LV is just fine.
  2. M11 x 75mm 1.25 Noctilux shot at 1,25 1/125 Iso 250 As shoot, original and 100% crop
  3. Just spoke with my dealer, its the Visoflex. They will replace it on monday. All good.
  4. As I wrote, I have cleaned the hot shoe completely.
  5. Hi Guys, Got my Visoflex 2 for my M11 and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately it flickering like mad on all lenses I have tried today, (75mm 1.25, 21mm 1.4, 28mm 1.4 and APO 35mm. 2.0) I have tried to clean the hot shoe ( on a brand new camera), Reset the camera, battery in and out. Nothing helped. Any suggestions? I made this video. This is exactly how I see it. Link to Video
  6. so strange. just did the same.
  7. Thanks you very much for that, thats very kind of you. I actually downloaded the version 15.1 (as the one that was installed, for some reason auto update haven't worked😩) and now I have the profile.
  8. Very very stange. I use mac only. I have indeed tried to update my C1 22, but still no profil for it. I will contact C1 support for sure. Thanks for heads up.
  9. Yup, C1 22 as of today dosent have a profile for the M11.
  10. Camera and model are ready for some test shots. 📷🦉
  11. Very Strange. Not for me on C1 22
  12. Really? C122? I haven't got any update yet?
  13. 😂.. Just remember to always buy black chrome/paint - if any questions arise, ohh no honey it's the same lens and camera 🤐
  14. It's right now on the 10-R 99% of the time. 28mm lux is one og the best lenses of all time.
  15. CAN'T wait to put the 28mm lux on the M11 tomorrow when it arrive with UPS 🤞
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