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  1. I can highly recommend this one 🙂 https://store.cooph.com/collections/leica-rope-straps/products/leica-hand-rope-strap?variant=38080059834567
  2. fbonde

    Leica 35mm ?

    Thats really bad.
  3. Yesterday I tried the Perspective control on the M10-R Works great.
  4. fbonde

    Leica 35mm ?

    Return fo re-celebration as I got told. I have no reason to believe it won't happen🍻
  5. ab normal x2 then😅. I much prefer the 28/35 75 combo. I don't know about the 50mm I have always had a love-"hate" relation to that focal length.
  6. I can relate so much. For me, the 35mm summilux was my travel do it all lens. It still is, but after I got the 28mm summilux, it changed everything. About the weight, I find reviews and people's thoughts are very valuable, especially here, but at the end of the day, you need to try it with your own hands and make your own judgment. About the "least" liked M-lens, I agree I dont have any that I dont like I feel they have their own character. Maybe the one that surprised me the most and most value for $ is the 18mm Elmar. Fantastic lens.
  7. Indeed in Denmark as well.
  8. Havely inspired by this tread link below - It made me think, what is my favorite M-lens in my bag? I have been privilege enough to gather some 10+ m-lenses over the years and been lucky enough to test some of the most expensive ones (noctilux, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm). I know it's hard to say since it depends on different factors and projects. But if I had to choose one that makes me happy, it got to be the Summilux 28mm. (my second is the 21mm summilux). I feel i can do anything with that lens. On the M10-R i feel i produce some fantastic colors. Its well balanced on the M-body. I thin the 28mm
  9. I have tried most Leica M. The 240 was probably the least fave. To bulky to my taste M8 (still here) M9-P (still here - Will never go away) M10-P (still here) M10-M (still here - magic) M10-R BP using 95% og the time with the summilux 28mm The M10-R is my fave. I fell it takes all the good form all M's and put it in to one body. I still think I should get a M10-D and regret i never got one.
  10. Agree, i simply don't get the elimination 18mm - it's one of my faves
  11. fbonde

    New to M10-R

    I use both systems. Super happy for the SL when it comes to work on projects when autofocus is needed. But me my fav setup is the M10-R with 28mm 1.4 It just work for almost everything. I really like that setup.
  12. I use this Gitzo Traveler https://www.gitzo.com/global/tripod-kit-traveler-series-2-4-sections-gk2545t-82qd/ Works super good for the Leica M. Good balance and feels solid.
  13. Just download the Nik's software. Interesting stuff.
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