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  1. Would you please help me with the following setup on my SL2-S after upgrade to FW V 3.0. Up until now I have been using FN key to toggle between Info Profile 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have assigned FN key to Exposure/DOF Simulation, but I am now unable to return to Profile 1, 2, 3, and 4 by FN key function. Is it how it is now or is there a way to toggle using FN key between Profile 1, 2, 3, 4, and Exposure/DOF Simulation (or what ever else I choose)? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Wrong assumption dear wizard, procedure is as follow: engravings are overfilled with paint, let stand for paint to dry and then the excess paint is removed by gently rubbing it off with cloth. You can see it in one of the Leica cameras production videos. So to me it is oversight by worker responsible for this procedure as well as final QC.
  3. That would be a bit of a worry, I often wonder what does happen to cameras and other gear that is returned to retailers.
  4. When upgrading my SL2-S FW V3 I mounted SL 24-90 and the lens was upgraded to Lens FW V2.2. Most likely it will be applicable to your SL2.
  5. "I only wish that it just had an L mount, rather than a fixed lens." I as well.
  6. "I only wish that it just had an L mount, rather than a fixed lens." Me too.
  7. “Some might freak out as there is no way to not destroy the black cover 😉” To those freaking outers I would suggest to VERY gently heat up the sticky tape with hair dryer to soften the tape glue and again GENTLY remove tape, worth trying.
  8. Looks good in photos, can you tell us how is it in practical use as the L mount 24-90 mm does not have a dedicated recess to accommodate the lens collar. Also, have you noticed any image degradation during exposures when the lens is mounted to camera body without the lens collar on tripod, or conversely improvement by using lens collar, thank you.
  9. Nice enough lens, I like the green paint in engraving, but would not be time to drop those feet marking now? I have noticed that even two American guys from Florida and others are using Metric in their discussions about Leica lenses and most English commentators are using Metric as well. Your thoughts?
  10. So, what you are saying it suggest that like me you would not object to a Leica M mount camera with EVF. This issue has been risen number of times before, like 24 mp would be enough for me personally.
  11. I would pay 12k EUR for such a version of M11 no problem.
  12. Just a thought, reading lots of M11 reviews and comments. 60mp seems to be an issue for some of the users and potential buyers. Do you think that Leica would be wise to introduce a 24mp M11 body as they done similarly with SL-2 and SL-2S? Personally, I am very happy with my SL-2S using it with L mount lenses as well as M lenses. I would consider an M11 24mp for walk-around body with just one lens (nothing wrong doing it with SL-2S + M lens), just a different experience/setup. Any interest in such a camera especially now that M10 is out of production?
  13. On occasion when I want to get close to the subject then M lens allows I use K&F Concept 8mm and 10mm extension adapters or combine 18mm extension. Adapters are nicely made and not too expensive. Magnification formula is as follow: 50mm lens and 10mm extension: 10:50 = 0.2, for your 28mm lens 10:28 = 0.35 or 18:28=0.64
  14. In the recent past I have sold number of Leica M, Zeiss ZM, Fujifilm and Voigtlander lenses as well as Leica camera bodies. Myself purchased all of those new. In my opinion it gives the buyer more confidence when they read that the item for sale is in excellent condition and included is original box with documentation and it does have a matching serial number. But, that is just I.
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