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  1. Entrance pupil position for this lens? If anyone of you would know please let me know. I cannot find any info for it on Internet, thank you in advance,
  2. Good on you beewee. This is the most informative post regarding composite materials used in many industries. They even make aircraft bodies and wings out of this material.
  3. In a Hobby store you can get a small can (14mL e) Humbrol Enable Matt 34 White. Using tiniest of amount on tip of fine toothpick fill in missing paint, wait 10 minutes and wipe over with thinners – all very gently.
  4. Those who are using an extension tubes on M mount lenses to focus close (not necessary macro) would you please share you experiences. What extension sizes/ lens combination works best for you? Sample photos would be interesting too. Thank you.
  5. Well, there goes my plan to get a SL 2.0/50 Sumicron, thank you for all of your comments.
  6. The ring just protects/hides the thread when original lens hood is not being used as in my case. I will be using various size filters via step-up ring on this lens.
  7. Thank you for your information, I have sold my M 240 and for the last three years I have been using LS with 24-90 and a Leica M to L mount adapter (in some way I do miss M at times, perhaps when M11 arrives….).
  8. Thanking you so much, I have purchase the lens new, arrived yesterday; the ring had been hiding at the very bottom.
  9. Thanking you so much, I have purchase the lens new, arrived yesterday; the ring had been hiding at the very bottom.
  10. Would someone who is using this lens help me with following: I have just purchased a Leica Elmarit M 2.8/28mm ASPH. (11 677). Would you please let me know if there is a ring to cover thread that the dedicated lens hood screws onto (I will not be using supplied lens hood) and its part number if known so I can order it. I have been unable to find any info on it. For clarity I am enclosing photos of the lens jpg691274 showing exposed thread that the lens hood screws onto, jpg1217512 is showing the thread covered by cover ring. Many thanks in advance.
  11. You can get hot shoe cover for a couple of dollars on ebay
  12. Personally I would like to see Tamron L mount lenses.
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