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  1. Who cares ? Or rather why should anyone care ? Probably all zooms are designed by other companies than Leica. Leica never had the skills to design/invent the latest and greatest zooms. There are specialists for that and it is wise to use this specialist knowledge instead of inventing something inferior on one’s own. The quality of the lenses comes from the precision of tolerances in manufacturing. And as far as that the zooms are fine. There are specialists, so there are different specialists for different lenses. So the zooms are designed by several different designers. (Panaso
  2. Es gibt ein Video von mathphotographer zur firmware 3.0 . Ich denke ich habe es dort gesehen. Siehe YouTube.
  3. Maybe it would be easier/less effort to use the software. They tell wonders about denoise AI. And you can get a test copy for free. But it is maybe only marketing, but marketing looks good. But if it works as promised it would make life/birding a lot easier and allow even higher ISO’s. ( https://www.topazlabs.com/denoise-ai )
  4. Did you try to get rid of the noise with one of the new AI tools ? I wonder how good or bad the results would be in such a case.
  5. Ich habe einst (2016) auch wegen den M und vor allem R Objektiven auf SL umgestellt. Aber inzwischen ist das Thema eigentlich ziemlich gegessen. Zwar sind die R Objektive nicht schlechter geworden, aber die L Objektive von Sigma und Pana sind inzwischen so gut, dass ich sie bevorzuge. Vor allem seit Sigma speziell für Mirrorless gerechnete Objektive anbietet. Das sieht man sehr deutlich beim Sigma 150-600 DG DN das mit dem AF alles adaptierte weit abhängt und auch optisch sehr sehr gut ist. Zu einem Preis zu dem man keine Leica Gebrauchtware bekommt. Neben der Bildqualität ist auch das Ge
  6. Firmware 3.0 hat wirklich die SL2 nochmals entscheidend verbessert. Deshalb hier noch ein Video, in dem auch das Sigma 150-600 nochmals positiv bewertet wird. Wie man hört ist es von einem deutschsprachigen Tester, aber ich habe leider keine deutsche Version gefunden.
  7. Here a video about the firmware 3.0 . But it also shows examples with the Sigma 150-600. That’s why I put the link here.
  8. AFs works very well for portrait. I use it very often. I never use AFc (almost). If you insist on doing everything with AFc then better choose another camera, but why should you ?
  9. I spent the money. That means I think Leica lenses are worth the money. If it is the same for you ? I have no idea - I know nothing about you. Technically I am sure that the cameras are good enough for you (for anybody). The lenses ? They are usually the highlight and the reason to buy a Leica camera. Do I use Sigma lenses ? Yes, but mainly if there is no equivalent from Leica. I came to the SL because I still had R and M lenses that I wanted to use again (in a decent way). No idea how it is with you ....
  10. The fp L has pdaf. How good is the AF ? I have not heard much about it. It has the same sensor as the a7Riv . Is the AF as good ? Probably it is not great because the software is not as good as Sony’s. Or did anybody hear more about it ?
  11. For portraits it works very well, for BIF I would chose another system to get an easy life. But in any case try it first. If it is so critical to you, then take the time to try the real thing before buying. And check also other fora, e.g. fredmiranda. (Lately there was a team of cheerleaders that he photographed with SL2 and 135mm Sigma.). ( L mount image thread, p.23 #20 )
  12. What about the Lumix 20-60 for travel ? Small and easy to travel with, and 20mm could be useful.
  13. You have problems ... I am glad that 100% is good enough for me. 🤔🤧😷. For AF in the SL2 !!! (The camera with the world wide worst AF ...)
  14. The SL 28 is probably the top lens. The Otus is even brighter, but has no AF. But both are far too expensive and big for most users. I found a much better lens for me. Voigtlaender has updated their Ultron 28mm f2 in M mount. It is now aspherical and called Ultron II. It is much improved and tiny. And very affordable. You can chose between three variants (silver, black and with a round knob). Fred Miranda has tested it on M10R and a7Riv. Of course it was much better on the M10R. Maybe not very far from the SL28 on SL2 and much much smaller and ... And it can also easily be used on t
  15. If iAF or eye AF, who cares ? Is it worth to discuss this marketing stuff ? I am glad that it works now very well. And others agree. For example Fred Miranda who has tested it and posted portraits of his daughter. He even said 100% hit rate.
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