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  1. I have only positive experiences since more than 40 years. (Exception one lens, and that the R system went bust in 2009). so this is what counts for me. Don’t you agree ? All this complaining about quality is boring. Maybe you think it is the reason for fora to exist, but I think it does not help to complain louder than others. Good experience (like me), so stay Leica user. Bad experience (like you), help yourself (choose a more reliable brand). Of course there were also bad experiences with other brands. But why make a fuss about it. I simply forget it. It does not help in any way to chew it over and over. Presumptious. What a word. I had to look in the dictionary what it means. Is it a common word in Australia? I feel puzzled, maybe I still have not completely grabbed what it means ... I find this rather weird. You seem to be hurt by anything and are looking for fault by the whole world. I would suggest you finally stop here, before it gets totally ridiculous.
  2. Forget about roadmaps from Leica. (Not worth the paper they are printed on.) The last lens that came (SL 2.8/24-70) was never on a roadmap. And the SL24 and SL21mm lenses are there since more than two years. Which does not mean that they are coming soon. Buy the things available and add the missing parts from Sigma and Pana. Not perfect, but it works ok. We had much worse times in the first years after the start of the SL series.
  3. A typical phone charger is too weak to run the camera from. (And often has no PD). I use one from Anker with about 35 W and PD, and it seems to work, but better is probably more power like 60 W. A device for an iPad or MB could be strong enough.
  4. Of course you can run the camera on external power. I use a Anker Powercore plus 26800 usb device (battery bank). Usually this gives me enough power for several days. And for very bad weather conditions I have also a second device (another two days). I am never so far away from civilization that I need more than that. (So I have 3 batteries and 2 power banks for 2 cameras.) The USB connector allows this, so no need for a dummy battery device. It is just important to choose a device with USB PD. (Not police department, but power delivery). I use this successfully since more than two years. This is the main difference to the SL that did not support USB power delivery. The Anker 26800 powercore plus costs less than an internal battery, so this is a very inexpensive solution. Overheating was never an issue for me, but usually I use the devices in a rather cold climate (not in the desert or tropics). The handgrip is terribly expensive and gives very little extra power. So I would not recommend to spend so much money on so little time gained.
  5. I am non-professional, so I cannot really give you an advice (and should not). But what is really obvious to me is that you made not full use of the possibilities of the L-system. One of the obvious weaknesses is that flash support was bad with Leica cameras (now solved with godox). So I took the obvious solution and added a S1R to the SL2 for better flash features. And I continue in this way, one or more Panasonic cameras for fall-back (S5, S1R), Panasonic lenses for fallback or obviously Sigma lenses for fallback and things missing (like 1.2/35, 1.4/85, 1.8/135). All this makes up a full system and is probably still a lot cheaper than a full switch to A1 and new lenses. So I simply do not understand your strategy and find it actually a bit unlucky/not well thought out (especially for professional use).
  6. Why should you worry ? As a non-professional I had never the slightest problems with M (M246) or with SL and SL2 digital cameras. And also never problems with any lenses. I never needed a single repair. So the problems seem to be mainly for professionals who cannot afford to buy spare bodies, and for whatever reason never thought about buying Panasonic cameras for fallback (They are really inexpensive for this.) And now that the Godox flash system is available the main obstacle for wedding photographers is gone (before using a Panasonic camera was also an obvious way to avoid this flash problem). I agree it is a sad story, but for me no reason to avoid Leica. (It is simply part of the fun for me, so avoiding it is the start of the end for me.) Living in Europe (CH) means that Leica is much closer than any Japanese company for me, and the reaction from japanese giants is usually a bit long in the tooth. And I simply do not enjoy their products very much. PS. I actually use Leica gear since the 80s (R and M) and never had any problems (apart from a stuck R 28mm lens). But this is probably too old and another story.
  7. Usually the D lenses are not so useful, and the N lenses to be preferred for reproduction. Have a look at the detailed features of each lens type. But if you prefer the D that is ok for me, but most users don’t.
  8. There are endless possibilities. Instead of an expensive macro lens or an SL Summicron for 5000$ I found an enlarger lens (from Rodenstock, Apo rodagon N 2.8/50) the most convenient (when used with a bellows I have from the R system).
  9. I use a “Balgen” from the R system and an enlarger lens (Apo rodagon). If you use it only for digitizing slides, then this is excellent and not as expensive as an M macro lens. The R 100 is my favorite macro lens (so I never bought a sigma and so cannot directly compare quality). But an enlarger lens is more convenient for the slide job.
  10. The SL2 is now quite old and will hopefully be soon replaced by a SL3 (fall 2023 ?). The numbers for the SL3 will be more important. In all fairness the numbers for SL2 and SL2-S should be combined. (But I guess nobody has any numbers at all .... so a discussion without the basis of real facts.) What worries me is that Pana does not offer a S2R, yet. Are they not planning for a next generation, or have they simply no money to bring it out ? Do I need an SL3 or S2R ? Would I want to upgrade ? Actually no, it is easily possible that I would skip because what I have is good enough. I do not know how others feel, but I could imagine that many are in a similar situation. Not ideal for business.
  11. The Sigma 150-600 dg DN is the better lens. I would recommend it. More expensive but also better quality. AF speed is slower than the SL 90-280. But still good enough for such a long lens. You can find many examples in the photo threads.
  12. Amazing that Puts makes such obvious mistakes. Maybe he corrected it in a later edition ? I am not so keen on his works anymore. He had no good words for the SL cameras and lenses. And this is not very intelligent, but who cares.
  13. The MATE is no zoom. I am sure you know that. As mentioned this is fruitless discussion. Simply use it if you think it is worth the time. (I don’t.). Enjoy !
  14. If you like it, that is fine. I find it too slow for many use cases. I wonder how often you use it nowadays. For me it is not an interesting lens compared to other primes - so I never use it. But tastes are different.
  15. This is a different discussion. I did not mention that there is a limit or anything similar. But it is very clear that an old lens with problems (reasonably good lens) and the top camera are not the combination to get the best results for a certain sum of invested money. Not necessarily bad results, but nothing spectacular. Not anything which could not be done better with another lens (almost any modern prime). It is quite simple, no endless discussions necessary. No help from an expert (Cicala) required.
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