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  1. Yes color helps tell a richer story here. The relationship between bridge structure and the tangle of plastic netting tells a clear story in color but is less clear in BW. If (in BW) I went with a very light value on the netting it would balance it more but still the story and relationship of the forms is still not as clear, so I left the tones as shot. I agree the color works best here. Thanks for your wonderful insights! By the way - I love what Erl has done in the images just above mine. I am exploring the mix of BW and color too, such as this below:
  2. M(240)-P 75/2.5 An interesting exercise. I find the strong emphasis of BW in these forums surprising. I believe (IMHO) that both are equal in power, but are very dependent on the subject and story that is being told.
  3. What the U.S. Navy thinks a happy Nuclear submarine sailor looks like. Mess hall on the USN Nautilus. M240 CV40/1.2
  4. Batalha Monastery M240-P 21/3.4
  5. Thank you. Your appreciation matters much.
  6. Tower? Stairs? Both! The well of the Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal M(240)-P CV 10/5.6
  7. At the airport M(240)-P 50/1.4
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