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  1. The internal combustion engine is a fine instrument for a lovely exhaust note. M9P 28/2
  2. Low rider Chevy, Palm Springs, CA. M240P 21/3.4
  3. Southern California. M240P 50/1.4
  4. Three bladed wind generators. M240P 50/1.4 :: 75/2.5
  5. Family of 3 poses for their drone. MP 28/2
  6. Motorcycle with SideDog. MP CV10/5.6
  7. Thank you for the kind words! Will send you my thoughts
  8. Love it all. Fabulous. Very NY style photos of NY.
  9. Thank you! Yeah I toyed with cropping but it felt a bit like a yearbook photo So I left it with her angled longer to create a bit of flow. Wish I could have worked with her more but part of the fun was the constant flow of people who were curious and stepped up to be included. I t was a different way to interact with people on the street directly rather than the typical street shots which grab images in passing.
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