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  1. I think the M fit's my style of shooting. Already have too much gear. I think an M10-R and 35mm APO summicron will be what I go for. I'll probably sell the M3 and Nikon gear and keep the M6 for film. M10-R for colour and M6 with Tri-X for black and white.
  2. Reviving this thread after more than a year for a quick question. Firstly, the SL was sold. I picked up an M6 and a Nikon FM3A and shot film for a year. I gravitated most towards the 35mm focal length (Leica) and the 85mm for portraits (Nikon). Seeing the black friday deal on the M10-R made me think the time might be right to go digital again. Its bundled with a leather half case a battery for 6900. Not on the black colour variant though. Also, the 35mm Apo Summicron is in stock. Should I go for the M10-R with 35mm APO (adding a tele for portraits later) or get a 35 non APO summicron and a 75/90 summicron instead? Aim is to purely use the film camera for black and white and the M10-R for colour. I thought a lot about the SL2 but I dont see myself carrying that everywhere. The deal on the TL2 with 18/35/60 lenses for £3999 looked tantalising though.
  3. I’m in SAF. It’s very distracting. I’ll reset everything in the morning and see if the problem persists.
  4. Thanks for the Focus peaking tip. I realised even though it’s turned on, I need to select it by pressing the “i” button (upper right button) to toggle between histogram, focus peaking and horizon. Don’t think they all come on at the same time. Learning the ins and outs as I go along. Flickering still an issue though. Camera is still under 14-day return and has a one year warranty so might check with Leica store and see what they think.
  5. No it’s not the focus peaking. That’s another issue I’m trying to sort as with it turned on, I don’t get any red focus peaking highlights with sensitivity low or high. I’ve turned it off and auto-focused but the issue persists. The screen flickers. I’ve tried artificial vs natural light. No difference.
  6. I’ve been playing around with an SL and I’ve noticed the EVF flickers every time I autofocus. Is this normal? I used an SL2 in store and don’t remember this being an issue. I’m not sure if it’s a setting I need to tinker with or it’s just normal behaviour of the camera so I thought I’d check with you guys. Any thoughts?
  7. Update: Didn’t get a good deal on the SL lens so I sold the cameras but kept the lenses. a barely used SL to test the SL and M lenses and see if I like the handling and shooting experience. Absolutely loving the simplicity and the files coming out of it are gorgeous. Shot 2 year old nephews the other day and everyone loved the photos. The colours, the micro contrast, the subject separation from background, the film like grain in higher ISO - I’m extremely pleased with it. I especially loved the ergonomics. Everything is so well placed and thought out. I’m thinking of using this combo and swapping for M lenses when I want to travel. Shoot like this for a year or so, save up and then get an M10-R to complement the SL.
  8. Well, that’s that. Sold the M240, 24-90,S1R, extra batteries and grip for S1R. Kept the Leica 50 summicron (type 4), 35mm Zeiss Biogon 2.8 and M adapter T. Decisions, decisions.....
  9. You make an excellent point. I’ve tried Nikon D700, Fuji XT1 and 2, Leica M3, M240 and Panasonic S1R. I didn’t enjoy shooting with the SLR, loved the manual control Fuji offered but then when I used the Leica M, it became my zen camera. I’ve never shot with the SL system but the design philosophy of Leica resonates with me. If I’m being totally honest with myself and my shooting style, I’d go with an M10M. My wife loves colour portraits though so M10-R would be what I’d lean towards if I go one camera system. Is there a difference in M10-R pics converted to b&w vs M10-M? I asked my wife (doesn’t know a thing about cameras, especially their prices) about the whole dilemma and she says “Whatever you do, don’t sell the Leica. I love the pics you take with it” :) that’s the objective testing done!
  10. Another trip to the Leica store presented a less traumatic option. I’m thinking of selling the S1R and it’s accessories which should get me enough to buy a decent Leica SL (with a little top up). I get my “M” fix with the 240 and I get to use the SL with my 24-90/M lenses to see how I feel about the SL camera line. Gives me time to play around with both systems. I really did enjoy the simplicity of the SL and with those second hand prices, it’s a tantalising option.
  11. Leica M240, Zeiss Biogon 35mm 2.8, Manchester
  12. Went out with the S1R mounted with a Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2.8. After using the M for everyday shooting, it felt a bit clunky. I must say even though some of the files came out nice, I didn't really enjoy shooting with it in this way. A lot of times, I took a few more shots than I should have, I let the camera do the thinking, I relied on the EVF and tinkered with settings to get the exposure correct and I didn't really enjoy the TTL view. I think the SL2 might not change that for me. The M is where I'm headed. Ive attached the only semi-decent shot (I think) I got. I'll do a few more photowalks before I decide. Its a big decision to ditch a machine so good but it seems like it's not for me.
  13. Tried the SL2 and the M10-P at Leica store Manchester. The 50summicron on the SL2 was surprisingly comfortable. Even though the S1R is almost identical to the sl2 performance wise, I found myself preferring the SL2. After coming back from the Leica store, I checked how much I could sell my kit for and for the M240, S1R and 24-90, Mpb is offering me 5300. That gives me the option of either saving up a bit more and buying the M10-R or buying the SL2 and use it with my M lenses till I save up for a 35cron. I can continue to get my M fix from my M3 in the time being. I shouldn’t have tried the SL2. It has only added to the confusion. It is such a beautifully constructed camera.
  14. Thank you all for your advice! I'll go with a step-wise approach. I'll start with a Leica adapter to adapt M lenses to the S1R. I'll carry it around with me and see the weight/performance/ease of use/results. I sometimes do street/indoor portraiture and when I need to use flash, I use the Godox system with the X-Pro trigger for Panasonic. For occasional portraiture, what would be the flash system for the M? Can I use a wireless trigger (non-TTL) to trigger the Godox? If that's the case, I would feel much happier selling everything and going with an M10-P/R to solve almost all my needs.
  15. Congrats! If you’re looking for a small, sharp lens that doesn’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with the Zeiss Biogon 2.8. I have been using it with my M240 mostly for street/everyday photography and absolutely love it. Heard good things about the 35mm elmarit and voigtlander as well but never used them.
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