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  1. ... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr M240 with voigtlander 50mm 1.5 ASP
  2. Thanx guys! Btw I wrote that for a reply to some funny comments on youtube and wanted to share it here... later wanted to delete it but... ) cheers, S
  3. My short rant about new Leica M10 Just spent 3 weeks in Florida where i have seen a guy shooting one of those new Hasselblads that are around 40K$ like it is the AK47. When he was satisfied he drove off in his nice Bentley. Some people... I know I think would put it in better use just like this Leica, but money, right... And who knows, maybe his pics were awesome... So, about the Leica, it is so funny to hear all the talk (from the leica people) about the innovations they are basing their whole success, but in reality the only innovation was back in the beginning when Barnack designed fi
  4. 01170013 by Silvester Franz, on Flickr M3 with some expired fujifilm, voigtlander 40mm
  5. surfers and fisherman by Silvester Franz, on Flickr one digital until I develop my negatives
  6. ... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr ... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr agfa vista 200... getting used to sunny 16 cheers s
  7. Thanx guys I am glad no one is screaming sacrilege )) cheers, s
  8. so, my first leica ever and I am already messing it up )) I got this M3 produced in 1955. just a few weeks ago and it was doing well not doing much in a leather pouch in someones basement. Started shooting with it and fell in love like a girl. Shortly after pulling the camera out of that leather pouch and carrying it around unprotected the vulcanite started to fall apart... Didn't have time to wait for new skin as I am going to the states in two weeks (i live in Croatia) so I just re skinned it myself... few pics... you can see the cracked vulcanite here... Scraped it down
  9. oh these two go together so well the crosses in totally different context, one raining water and the other giving some other kind of relief. and even the flare in the second shot resembles the scream mask in the first photo... maybe I am giving to much thought in it but man i do like that! cheers s
  10. thank you guys and I have mistaken a film roll, it was a tri-x 400... and I wondered why so much contrast. went to the fridge and counted rolls five times before I figured it out... )) how do you guys keep track of that and one in color... I hope it is a kodacolor 400 )) really not sure about nothing no more... so, lately I shoot while driving... i guess it helps with boredom of sitting behind the wheel in a rush hour... cheers, s
  11. Thank You The lens is 40mm Voigtlander Nokton 1.4 I think it is at f2 or lower in this photo. Still getting used to the sunny 16 metering. Here I just fired two shots at around f1.6 or f2 Ilford HP5 plus 400 in the oven, and shutter at 1/50 I didn't do the developing, that was done by a studio near my workshop. Pretty sure they did a bit of contrast adding and so. This is how they sent me the pic... Hope to get a scanner soon so I can do that part at home and be more aware what I actually shot. thank you for kind words, Silvio
  12. BW by Silvester Franz, on Flickr just developed my second roll on my leica m3... happy little pig I am ))
  13. most inspirative thread I have found here so far... I love the dirty gritty quality, just like Jimi Pages solos... cheers
  14. Thank you kindly It came with 50mm f2 collapsible Summicron lens... I am getting used to rangefinder so It might be my mistake but from the first roll of film I have shot there were a lot of missed focus ones (back focusing wide open...)... It seems I should get the camera for adjusting. I shot another roll with my new Voigtlander 40mm nokton so I will see if the results are similar... Here is a pic wide open and focus running from closer eye to the further one... Even with that I love the portrait
  15. Hello to all I am new here and new to film cameras, kind of. Used to shoot film in high school when I didn't really pay attention to photography as a medium, just a tool to keep some memories. Then, years later fell in love in video production and bought the canon 5dmk2 (that I finally sold two weeks ago). Having that camera helped me learn very fast so I started both shooting music videos and do photography, events and anything really. Not saying that I am a pro, I just get by doing projects I really like and fitting my hobby to become my second best work skill. My "real job" is le
  16. a couple of pics from my first roll of film on Leica M3
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