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  1. NY by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    Bklyn by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    olympus om2n, 50mm 1.4 zuiko, kodak portra 400


  2. NY by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    VSCO Portra 400 preset, 35mm 1.4 Voigtlander

    (me trying to be a street shooter)


    NY by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    NY by Silvester Franz, on Flickr
  3. thanx guys!!! 



    Damn man; what beautiful pictures from M240.
    What presets do you use?


    so, the preset on the first pic is VSCO Kodak Royal 400... and then I tune it the way i think it works with the pic.

    This time I forgot to remove some of the preset grain...


    btw, I dropped my m240 and the rangefinder is a bit off, so when I shoot I have to get it in focus and then reverse 1 or 2 mm lol


    will send it to germany soon...



    the second photo is again RNI preset Vintage technicolor 2 that needs even more adjustment. It works with some pics but very often not hahah






    What really stands out to me in those photos is the difference between the NY light and LA light.



    hehe, it doesn't show here but in NY pic it was really cloudy and the skyscrapers were in clouds and mist or smog or whatever...

    LA was mostly sunny but this preset that I used made this wierd faded pale blue sky color... 


    I like to goof around with presets but in truth, the less the better...

    On most of my pics I just go with Portra preset and it is really close to what comes out of camera as a default, just adds a bit of flavour...




  4. Silkfatblues wunderful shoots from Slovenia; which lens was it ?

    really beautiful !!


    Post process ?




    Thank you!! The lens was 28mm voigtlander ultron on all the photos...

    I have some film presets but I tune them as I see fits the given image...

    RNI presets... http://reallyniceimages.com

    I am not really happy how the presets work as they come, it really needs some fine tuning.

    But they are a good start...

    Btw. I had written it somewhere before, this 28mm voigtlander tends to throw some purple

    cast, most often on the right side of the frame. Easy to remove but good to know if someone is planing on getting one...

    I love the lens, small and fast, really sharp... I think I will love it even more on a film camera... still haven't tried it with film...




  5. D.D. by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    M.B. by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    it was like that when we came... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    Couple more pics from lake Bohinj in Slovenija...

  6. hi,


    seems to me it is the same problem as with some voigtlander glass, mainly wide angle lenses.

    if the same lens is used on a film camera it will perform perfect but on a digital camera this is

    what happens, but not in all light conditions... something to do with the rear piece of glass being to close to the sensor and reflecting some light or something like that, google for more info...


    identical problem happens to me with my voigtlander 28mm f2 ultron... and 21mm f4

    the old 15mm were even worst, but the newer 15mm and wider lenses have been

    redesigned to prevent that, but now they are much bulkier...


    about the cast - i got used to it, easy to remove in post...





    Bohinj lake by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    not corrected

    color cast on the right by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    sometimes it is much more noticeable...


    but again, if it is some other issue I really want to know also




  7. coolest kid by Silvester Franz, on Flickr



    The coolest kid of today!!!

    While the whole city is crazy running around shops, hypnotized by glitter and lights,

    only few are capable of ignoring all that jazz and focusing on something closer to heart and soul... 

  8. ... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    ... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr


    Slight color cast on the right... that is the voigtlander 15mm II... cropped a bit...


    ... by Silvester Franz, on Flickr
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