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  1. Upon special request the 'willing' model in more detail:
  2. And a few of the many pleasant people we met along our way:
  3. With Jaap and Pegelli this is going to be a very intimate dinner Paul! No one else would like to join?
  4. Paul can you please re-confirm the starting time? In the original invitation it was 09:30 at Pig & Rye, now you mention 10:30. That is at least 2 coffees and cake earlier and would mean a lot more walking to get rid of the calories!
  5. The date is marked in my calendar Paul! Happy to join!
  6. To me it looks like corrosion. Typical Tri-X corrosion! 😉
  7. Thanks for your persistence Paulus, I would love to join any time in Aug, Sep, Oct (for the moment nothing planned yet). I'm looking forward to meeting the usual bunch! Maarten
  8. River Rhine near Rhenen in Holland. Before I took this picture I saw the strength in B&W. Looking through the viewfinder I suddenly saw the geese. I took only one shot.
  9. Since you exchanged the DNG raw file, could it be a software effect? One program reading the DNG showing a line and the other software not?
  10. Yes the Visoflex II with the 90 degr prism with the round eyepiece will work on the M4-2. It won't work on the M5 and the other taller bodies. In that case you need a Visoflex III with the square eyepiece.
  11. You focus on the eye coming from infinity focus. Once done you stop focussing with the lens. You keep the eye in focus by looking through the viewfinder and moving forth and back (with or without brandy). Try on a static subject first. Focus coming from infinity and take a picture. Then try focusing into the reverse direction. You can also try 'fine focusing' by continuing to turn the focusing ring. I bet only the first picture will be sharp.
  12. As a tip for using the rangefinder: focus from infinity back and stop turning the focus ring back and forth. Once you've reached the focus area (coming from infinity) move your head/body for fine focusing. Try and you will be convinced!
  13. Keep us informed on the progress. Good luck, will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  14. The stability of the M10 body and the focusing mechanism have proven itself. There are few records that the M10 goes out of alignment spontaneously. What I do not like is that your camera was serviced but the vertical misalignment was not corrected. A proper Leica service will not oversee something like that. I suspect the problem is bit deeper and needs to be investigated. Otherwise you are never going to be happy with your camera.
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